Kevin Durant, GTFOH!

KD does it again!  With an impossible shot and a friendly roll, Kevin Durant hits a foul line jumper to beat the Mavericks 99-98.  After a tough game for KD, its nice to see he’s not afraid to take the big shot.  What an end to a crazy day in sports.  Psyched for tomorrow!  I’ll post a video of the shot when its posted.

Updated with video. Outrageous.

Critically ACLaimed


Crushing news for NBA fans today, Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert both out for the season with torn ACL’s.  I was looking forward to Shumpert, one of the best perimeter defenders in the entire league, d’ing up D Wade and LeBron this series.  The injury to Rose, the reigning MVP, has to put the Bull’s championship hopes in jeopardy.  Many people are questioning Tom Thibodeau’s decision to leave Rose in that late in a game that was clearly in hand.  I place no blame on the coach, you have to send a message in Game 1.  There’s also a lot of questions around the number of games in the shortened time frame this season attributing to these injuries. I don’t disagree. Regardless, I hope these guys get back healthy next season.

Maybe Andrew Luck Isn’t #1…

I don’t care about the NFL Draft.

It’s not like I’m not a football fan.  I AM a football fan.  And that’s the problem.  First of all, I’m a Falcons fan.  We’re not going to draft Andrew Luck or RGIII.  We’re not getting Trent Richardson or Morris Claiborne.  Justin Blackmon, Ryan Tannehill, Quinton Coples, or Stephon Gilmore?  Not coming to the ATL.  Unless there’s a draft day trade, we don’t even have a pick until the second round (#55). Continue reading

Dorsey Foresees / GTFOH: Kobe, Playoffs

Kobe GTFOH! As we all know Kobe is in one of the tightest scoring races in NBA History. Kobe said, “he’s not tripping about it”.
Dorsey Foresees Guarantee: You have never seen shot-chucking like you will tomorrow. I can’t wait to watch.

Dorsey Foresees Prediction: I am psyched for the NBA Playoffs, so many potentially great matchups. Which one am I most looking forward to? Grizzlies / Jazz in 2nd round. THAT’S RIGHT! Jazz beat the Spurs. Watch it happen. Full Playoffs preview once matchups are final.

UPDATE: Fair enough Kobe, you win (or don’t) this time.
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The Fandom Menace

Most of what I want to say in this post was covered in Cronise’s repping post, but with the impending draft I felt I needed to post some things about fandom I’ve noticed since switching coasts.

I’m from Pennsylvania originally and I root for mostly Philly sports teams. The NFL, however, is a little different. I grew up in Ravens’ country but never got into the NFL while living there, and for whatever reason didn’t really buy too much into the Eagles while I lived in Philly. So after my relocation to Seattle last year, I invested in Seattle Seahawks season tickets. All that aside, there were two specific experiences I want to discuss about fandom related to “the Seahawks experiment”. One of which I attribute to coastal cutural differences. Continue reading