Blockbuster Or Bust?




From an entertainment standpoint, we are approaching one of the best times of the year.  All is quiet on the football front** and it’s way too early in the season for baseball to mean much.  Yeah, I’m talking about the time of year when Hollywood starts tossing out their power movies like they’re Rondo running the point and the NBA playoffs begin.  At no other time during the year will you find Hollywood going all out to promote their superstar lineup.  And as for the NBA playoffs… it’s a time for all the superstars to amp up their game and try to get that ring (unless your name is Lebron, and then it’s time to mail it in).

**Yeah, I know.  The football draft is approaching.  But that’s like a one-and-done.  Let’s be honest, there are two reasons you pay attention to the draft: (1) you want to know who your team is getting and (2) you want to know where the big players end up and what kind of impact they will have.  But after the draft?  Football goes right back into hibernation.  One day of pseudo-excitement.  And not even one day.  Because no one really cares after the 3rd round.

Anyways, what do movies and the playoffs have in common?  Well, you can almost predict how certain things will play out.  You are guaranteed to have your main events–record-breaking numbers, highlights that everyone will be talking about for months, things you will want to watch again and again.

  • The Dark Knight Rises / The Avengers / The Amazing Spider-Man / (healthy) Derrick Rose / Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook/Oklahoma City / Blake Griffin on national TV / Lebron James (as long as it’s not an important game/4th quarter)

You have your solids–things that you can just count on, neither amazing nor disappointing, that which is inevitable.

  • The Bourne Legacy / The Dictator / The Hawks falling short of making it past the 1st round / Dwight Howard being the reason the Magic advance/go home / The Lakers will be a “contender” even though they really aren’t THAT good because Kobe will just keep shooting / Announcers will mention how Steve Nash could have made team X a contender

You will have that category that you just can’t deny–guilty pleasures, THAT feeling, sleepers that are almost too obvious to be sleepers.

  • Dark Shadows (purely because Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = winning) / The Expendables 2 / Men In Black III / The Campaign (Will Ferrell + Zach Galifianakis, anyone?) / The Celtics will keep giving the finger to anyone who thinks they aren’t contenders / Can Memphis and Denver win without having superstars? / Hoping the Lakers mini-collapse so LA gets a 4-5 1st round / Chicago/Miami/San Antonio/Oklahoma City having harder first rounds than necessary

And of course you know the busts–overrated, undeserving, problematic… there’s just too many factors that will lead to disappointment.

  • Snow White and the Huntsmen / Get the Gringo / Rock of Ages / Total Recall / The Knicks.

…So with that being said, there’s also all those questionable areas.  Like where does Prometheus fall?  Are the Spurs ridiculously streaky or have we just overlooked them while we prepare to declare the Thunder the future of basketball?  Is there some relatively obscure movie that is about to break out?  Will Dallas show us anything at all?

Nothing is guaranteed.  Well, movies are a little easier to predict.  The NBA is still volatile at the bottom.  The Sixers could still freefall and give way to the Bucks.  Anything could happen in the East between 3-4-5-6.  There’s still a chance, as miniscule as it may be, that Memphis could take that 3 in the West and give the world an LA-LA first round.  Anyone from 5 on down could drop out and be replaced by a hot Utah or Phoenix team.

No matter how it all plays out, put any of the movies/players/teams on a big screen and I will gladly get my popcorn ready.

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