WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL IS ANDREW BYNUM DOING?  Disclaimer:  I wanted to write this post before the 30 rebound extravaganza.

I have had this on my mind for a few weeks. I realize he had 30!!!! rebounds the other night, which is just insane, but lets forget about that for now for the sake of my argument / thought. Some of the things
Bynum’s been doing of late remind me of myself when I played high school ball and disrespected my coach (sometimes even directly on the court). I’m not sure what is bringing it on, the lack of attention with the
Gasol trade, MWP has a new name, Kobe vs Brown, who knows, but what I can ask is WHY NOW? Your team is somehow 3rd in the bewildering West and the playoffs are on the horizon.

Offense 1:
Bombing threes. You are not Kevin Love, although your Kevin Love impression as far as rebounding goes was halfway there, YOU GET THE RED LIGHT… RED LIGHT SPECIAL.  TLC STYLE.  Sidenote:  Where did Kevin Love’s J come from?  I saw he was in the 3 contest and was pretty confused.  You have to at least have him in the MVP conversation.  Also, sign me up for some AIR LOVEs.

Offense 2:
Bearhugging Greivis Vasquez. This was basically what triggered me writing this, what was that? Obvious frustration, but come on man. Note: I may take more offense to this since Vasquez was a Terp.

Offense 3:
Zen Huddle. I don’t join the huddle, I’m getting my Zen on? (Don’t recall exact quote) WHAT? Zen on? I wish I could get away with that in my SCRUM meetings. What is getting your Zen on? Imagining (raining threes / throwing down thunder dunks) Dan Majerle style?
Not today, or ever.  Maybe the thunder dunks.

There may be more, but I don’t get to watch the Lakers enough. Anyhow, I give a lot of props to Mike Brown this season. He has endured a lot of bullshit, albeit some of it expected due to LA just being LA.
Only my man SVG (Stan Van Gundy) has had more shit to deal with this season, but that is another post.

I’m very interested to see what happens in the playoffs. The West seems to be the Thunder’s to lose (still bitter about the Sonics), but I would not want to come anywhere near the Griz (Mayo playing great basketball, seemingly).
The others are hard to say… the first round will be a breeze (besides the 4-5 game, which I say goes to Griz), second round gets real interesting. Spurs / Lake Show 2nd round series is real enticing.

I just hope Bynum doesn’t haul off and clothesline Ginobli or something crazy. I think if he gets his head straight he’s a Laker for life and a much, much better Vlade Divac (I discount the Kings years).  The Kobe Bynum NBA Jam squad is pretty fierce.

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