The chemicals in my brain make me think this…

D-wade clearly f-ed up. He already f-ed up once by allowing the “King” to jump on the band wagon and “compete” for multiple rings. Now, he’s telling us that he thinks he should be paid to represent the greatest country in the world? Screw you, D-Wayne Wade.

And his publicist clearly agreed with me.

Publicist – “What were you thinking talking nonsense like that? You make tens of millions of $ a year.”
D-Wade – “I talked to my step-dad, Mr. Barkley, he is a part of my fave 5, he talks in front of the world on TNT for a lot of basketball games. He seems to know what he is doing. Plus, Kobe is always in the news for NOTHING, so I thought I’d get one-up on him.”
Publicist – “Dwayne, this isn’t good… Nevermind the mega amounts of money via shoe deals that you make from international attention that the Olympics brings. Or the fact that you play PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL in, maybe, the 3rd most popular sports city in the US. Or the fact that you have the most polarizing player in basketball on your team who draws enough attention and revenue your way… Oi this is bad. Let’s pray to the Big Man that he has something up his sleeve.”

Some prayers do get answered…

I have to give the publicist props for this one. What better way to boost your image then to sit next to, and pretend to be friends with, Jesus himself.

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