Tidbits: a hockey dunce talks music.


I’m going to post a tidbits column maybe once a week.  This will contain a hodge-podge of thoughts that are half-fleshed out, and also some music recommendations this week.  Whenever I start being creative I will find a better name.  I’ll also be posting a regular “Dorsey Foresees” column, where I’ll tell you my predictions on the MLB season, the NBA playoffs, MLS etc.  Most of which will never happen in a million years.

First,  I am a hockey DUNCE, but the Flyers are FILLING IT THE FUH UP against the much-maligned Pens.  According to couchpotatohockey.com, the Flyers would need to score 8 goals Wednesday to tie the record for a 4 game series (28 by the ’72 Bruins).  This may seem unattainable, but considering they scored 8 the past two games, and they absolutely DISPISE the Pens (hair pulling?  come on), do not count them out.  The records for 5, 6, and 7 game series are 35 (’83 Oilers), 44 (’85 Oilers), 35 (’95 Flames) respectively.

Secondly, I am going to the Phils / Giants game at AT&T park tonight.  Doc Holliday vs the Freak.  Really psyched, but also a little worried about the Phils this year.  They just need to play well enough until Howard and Chase get back healthy and they’ll be alright.  I still think they win the NL East.

Lastly, music.

This dropped last night.  I’ve been impatiently waiting for it ever since I heard it existed.  I love Amber Coffman.  I love the Dirty Projectors.  I’m pretty into Major Lazer (they blew up the Pitchfork Music Festival 2 years ago).  This is a really great track that lives up to the track I most compare it to Rusko – Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman).  TRY and get that song out of your head.

I’m pretty into the new Big Baby Gandhi mixtape as well.  Try it out at the bottom of the link.

I saw Yuck last night at the Independent in San Francisco.  Their new single, Chew is great.  Also check out their S/T album.

My friend Simon recently sent me a mixtape, which I think has since been taken down. It was called Drown and was on tumblr somewhere if you can find it. It had this GEM, Balam Acab – Still.  Also, why are all my favorite artists at the moment 20 – 24 years old.  Damn.

Finally, my friend and former roommate Eric put out an EP under the name Maundrie Fox.  I could go on and on about how good I think this is.  He inspired me to buy this.  My favorite jam is “One Year Sun Shine”.

Enjoy the weather.


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