Holy Hat Tricks, Put The Brooms Away!!!!


Well it’s about damn time!!!!  The Penguins finally showed up for the playoffs!  Don’t get too excited, they’ve still got a long way to go to get back in this series!!  Dropping TEN goals, really???  Where the hell has this been the past three games!  The NHL regular season points leader, Malkin, finally got on the board with two goals last night.  All that aside the Pens have plenty of work to do.

Of course it started out shaky, Mcfleury kept up with his questionable goaltending skills as he let three goals go in the first period and then finally settled down and played like he did all year!  Jordan Staal dropped a hat trick by the second period.  Sullivan, Niskanen, Letang, Crosby, Dupuis all dropped in a goal and as before Malkin got on the board with two goals.  It got so bad the Flyers had to swap goalies, but to no avail they played pretty bad.  Bryzgalov and Bobrovsky both had the exact same stat lines, 18 shots allowed, 5 goals allowed and 13 saves.

This game was so promising as a Pens fan seeing them actually play hard compared to game 3 where they all played like pissed off teenagers after their mom took their Rage Against The Machine album away.  I was stuck at work and every time I hit the refresh button I went nuts!!  This was definitely a great game (if you’re a Pens fan) to see and hopefully they keep it up.  As much as I dislike Claude Giroux, I have to give it to him he played another solid game, dude’s on fire!!  Timonen and Voracek also chipped in with a score each.

The Canucks can finally wipe the sweat from their forehead, after almost being the first number one seed to be swept by an eight seed in the first round ever!!!  No one expected the Kings to bring it as hard as they have, but they’re playing lights out!  After the first three games fans were about to lose it. . . . . Image

The photo about sums it up (I’m an O’s fan this is how I feel for 162 games)!  They have been getting beat in any way thinkable.  The Kings jumped out to a quick 1-0 lead in the first period with Kopitar scoring.  There wouldn’t be much more after that as the Canucks made sure to hit the locker room and bump to some Warren G, it was about time to Regulate!!  Bieksa and Edler chipped a goal a piece in the second period to give them a 2-1 lead over the Kings and there wouldn’t be any looking back!!

The third period came around and Henrik Sedin scored to give it a final score of 3-1 and also a 3-1 series lead for the Kings!  Although, the Canucks did save themselves from elimination, just like the Pens, to at least give us hockey fans two more interesting games to look forward to!!!  The Canucks looked pretty good last night!  Both teams are still in pretty sketchy spots with three games left, no other option than win out or go home!!!


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