Dorsey Foresees: The LeBron you don’t (and probably don’t want to) know

Its easy not to like LeBron.  You may have noticed some LeBron hating from our own writers even.  I’m here to tell you he will win MVP, show up in the playoffs, and win (or get very damn close to) a championship.

You can already start to see it, LeBron is putting the team on his back (like this backpack).  He went for 27 and 11 tonight against the Bulls, which very well could be an Eastern Conference Finals preview, however, I think it will be Heat / Celts (in a great series mind you).  I am foreseeing a Heat / Thunder final that’s just too tough to call, but it will definitely go to 7 and I think the Heat win.   I usually root against the obvious matchup, I just think this one makes too much sense.  Other predictions:  Celts in the Eastern finals and the Griz win 2! series

I Men In Black flashed last year’s playoffs from my head, and I’m aware that a lot of you haven’t.  A lot has happened since then, a lockout, an MSG phenom by day / couch-sleeper by night, said phenom’s regular season ending surgery, a West willy, Air Bud, discount double checks, i could go on and on…but i digress…

What are a few of the LeBron James red flags of this season?  I will examine 2.

1)  The All Star Turnover.

No, thats not a new Denny’s breakfast item, it happened.  This one is tough to explain, but it is just an All Star game.  Doesn’t concern me too much. The funny thing here?  Blake Griffin intercepted that pass.

2)  The Oh-No-Udonis

Yes, similar situation, but in a real game.  Watch the video.  There was  NOBODY within 5 feet of Haslem.  I would’ve passed to any of our writers in that scenario, and I don’t even know some of them (I realize I am not LeBron James either, but compared to them I may be).  Yeah, Haslem should’ve made that shot, and if he does LeBron starts the shift earlier.  People would’ve praised him if Udonis sinks that, at least I hope they would’ve.  Take a look at this.  Look familiar?  Steve Kerr is not (basically) a household name if he misses that.  Obviously Kerr is a better shooter than Haslem, but this is the NBA, if you (Forward, Center, Guard, Bench Player, Asst. Coach, don’t care) are that open, you gotta sink it.  I realize I’m putting a lot of weight on that shot, but my point is, it shouldn’t of been that big of a deal to pass to a wide open teammate in that scenario when you are double teamed.

LeBron James realizes this is the season to do it.  IT is not only winning an NBA title, but also losing another title, choke artist.  I think that LeBron is so focused this year, that he has not even switched into playoff gear yet (he hasn’t had to).  “Oh but Mike they are fighting the Bulls for the 1 seed”… I say, “why would you?”  I don’t want to face the Celtics in round 2.  No way.

Lebron’s current numbers for the season (via ESPN):
PPG:  27.1  RPG: 7.9  APG:  6.3

Dorsey Foresees Playoff Prediction Numbers:
PPG:  28.3  RPG:  8.8  APG:  7.2

Gradual improvements across the board.  So there you have it, start hating in the comments please.  And also really let me have it if I am dead wrong.  But when all is said and done this season, just give me a ten minute think on LeBron.  You will respect his game more than you do right this moment.

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2 thoughts on “Dorsey Foresees: The LeBron you don’t (and probably don’t want to) know

  1. Stupid freedom of speech. But… at least you gave the Celtics some props. Gotta respect that. Don’t gotta respect the Disappearing Act That Wears #6. I can only hope you’re wrong, because if you’re not… well, Mosner is going to try and trashtalk me to death.

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