Dorsey Foresees: NBA Playoffs

Matchups are set, and so am I. Here are my picks for round 1. I’ll write up some analysis soon I hope, but I wanted to get these in writing before the action starts. WARNING: Only read on if you want to know exactly what unfolds in the 1st round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

Bulls / 6ers:
This one hurts a little bit, but I can’t do it. Bulls in 6. I think the Sixers can steal two, but ultimately Deng and Noah play large down low and have a big series.

Heat / Kicks:
One of the more exciting matchups in the first round. LeBron switches it on, and has 3 30+ pt games (hovering around 10 rebounds as well). Heat in 6. I’m setting the over / under at 24 for Novak 3’s. What you got?

Pacers / Magic:
This one gets ugly quick. Pacers in 5. They are playing well now, and frankly, the Magic are not. This may even be a sweep. I hope Stan van Gundy ends up somewhere not too dismal after this season.

Hawks / Celts:
I know I talked up the Celts before, but the Hawks are a scary team. I think Josh Smith / KG is a big part of the outcome here. I still say Celts in 7, but its very close. Hawks are quietly good.

Spurs / Jazz:
Oh yeah baby. Will Tim Duncan get off the bench and dress at least? Yeah, but the JAZZ IN 7! I just like the way the Jazz are playing, and the Spurs have sat too much this season. Al Jefferson and Millsap are playing big, I think youth prevails here. I like this Jazz team.

Thunder / Dallas:
Seriously? Broom it.

Lakers / Nuggets:
Another great matchup. Lawson is dragging this team with him. I just don’t think Kobe will let him drag them much further, despite the fact that I am not thrilled with the Lakers play of late. Lakers in 7.

Lob City / Griz
Good matchup. Griz in 6. Grizzlies team is hot right now. I know everyone is saying it, but its true. Won’t be easy for the Griz, because CP3 is not laying down. I think Blake’s free throw shooting (or lack there of) becomes a factor here, despite having 3 posterizing dunks.

There you have it. Happy viewing.

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