GTFOH Rondo.

I just don’t get how you can play such an amazing game and still not win.

Is it:

  • (A)  the fact that Rondo shoots better when it matters less?
  • (B)  the fact that Paul Pierce keeps fouling out?
  • (C)  the absence of Avery Bradley?
  • (D)  the Heat are that good?
  • (E)  a little bit of everything?


Cronise Surmises — Technical Foul Edition

I don’t know how much attention you’d allocated to sports this past 3-day weekend…  Hopefully you spent part of it with friends and family, enjoying Memorial Day.  I know us upper East Coasters had some nice weather during the daytime.  So for those of you that worked on your tan a little more and your favorite seat’s butt-groove a little less, here’s a few things I surmised. Continue reading

The Tuesday Blitz List

The early part of the week can be killer for sports fans.  Especially if you’re older and it means leaving your weekend behind and returning back to the daily grind.

Maybe you just need a list of stuff to keep your brain in sports mode.  Or maybe you need some interesting stuff to share with your colleagues around the water cooler.  Maybe it’s a simple as finding some random stuff to Google.

That’s just another use for LRDP.  We’re gonna be particularly useful when football starts and Tuesday is the first day of the long wait until Saturday/Sunday.

We now present: “The Tuesday Blitz List”… Continue reading

Text Showdown VI — Game 7 Edition

The final score: Celtics 85, 76ers 75.  An exciting series that was still undecided entering the 4th quarter of Game 7.

Cronise’s Celtics over Dorsey’s Sixers, 4 games to 3.  LRDP’s civil war is over.

At least until football season.

There wasn’t any formal Showdown going on for this big game–rather a series of intermittent texts and a lot of exchange over Twitter.  Here’s some of the more notable sends (and some visuals). Continue reading

O’s-Zone Watch: 27 May 2012

Don’t sweat the loss, O’s fans… you’re gonna get to see this for years to come!

I wouldn’t say the Orioles are “beginning to struggle” and I don’t think they are “about to plummet back to the basement”.  We’re still 10 games over .500.  Only three other teams in the entire league can say the same.  I think it’s mostly a case of a young, overachieving team still finding its rhythm.  Besides, they got a lot going on down by the Harbor.

Friday night’s 8-2 win over the Royals was played in front of a home crowd of 28,954.  The incredible part about that statement is that 11,000 tickets were sold at the stadium in the two hours before game time.  Yeah, looks like even the stubborn non-believers are starting to scratch the itch… Continue reading

Battle of the Cro-sades (27 May-2 June)

Down goes Philly…

Time to see what’s happening with this week’s Battle of the Cro-sades—27 May through 2 June 2012.  We’re almost in the dog days of summer… ALMOST.  My Orioles are still looking like the real deal… actually, most teams have playing very consistently (for better or for worse).  We’re down to the NBA Final Four (OKC, San Antonio, Miami, and Boston).  And we get to start the Stanley Cup (if anyone cares). Continue reading