Todd McShay: GTFOH

I was doing my typical browse of, when I came accross an article that raised some questions within me….

Does Todd McShay have a mock draft to determine everything he does in his life?

Does he have a mock draft on what he will do on a Friday night, and does “Write Mock Draft n.0” always get picked first?

Does he have a mock draft to determine what he will eat for dinner? If so, do those round 3 Cheez-Its hold him over, or does he need to eat something more substantial at the close of round 6?
Sidenote: I once ate that burger, but they don’t keep records back to c. 2004

Does the concept of mock drafting resent Todd McShay and really just want a long-weekend trip to the Carribbean?

What is Todd McShay’s favorite Dr. Suess book? (curious)

Does Todd McShay have a mock draft of which route to take on his way to or from work, and do people get angry at him for holding up traffic? (assuming yes)

Does Todd McShay have kids? If so, does he hold a “smock draft” to see which art smock he / she will wear to art class?

When playing skee ball, does McShay mock draft which hole he would go for? Does he ever just wing it and go hard at the 50?

Does McShay mock draft which seat he will take on an airplane? (I bet he flies first class) I just mentioned this because there’s usually around 32 seats, the same number of teams in the NFL. I’m assuming T. McS. noticed as well. I can’t imagine this one going more than one round. Personally, I’d take 7A or 7F first. Window respect, board / exit early, and I’ve still never used a bathroom on an airplane.

Does Todd McShay have a tough time deciding bets in Vegas, and does that really mean he saves a lot of money in the long run?

What does Todd McShay think of Jack White? I, in fact, am growing a little tired of hearing about him.

If McShay had a mock draft of blog posts mocking the mock draft, would this article even be a first-rounder? Or is this too much, even for McShay? Leaning Yes because I now realize I really meant airplane rows, not seats.

I think the answer to most of the questions in this artice is “No”, but that’s only because my brain changed its mind at the podium after it promised to take “There’s actually a pretty good chance” number 1 overall in the IDGAF draft.

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