Sorry. We have to get Serious

I know I just wrote R.I.P. Mariano, but that was about his career. I want to give a sincere Rest In Peace to Junior Seau. The video obit did choke me up.

Suicide is no joke, and the family wants the brain examined to see if this was about repeated head hits or just missing the game. You will forever live in NFL history books.


5 thoughts on “Sorry. We have to get Serious

    • This same thing happened with Dave Duerson back in February of 2011. He played 11 seasons in the NFL before committing suicide by a gunshot wound to the chest in the same manner that Seau did. Before doing so, he sent several text messages explaining he would like to have his brain donated to the Boston College lab that did research on C.T.E.(Chronic Traumatic Encepholopathy) on football players. 13 of the 14 brains of ex-NFL players examined all showed signs of CTE. It’s also well know that Seau had trouble letting go of the game after retiring, as do many players who play from childhood. It will be interesting to see if scientists can one day find a link between CTE and the these suicidal actions, or if they are just isolated coincidences stemming from personal issues and post-game depression. It’s also interesting timing wise, as Seau’s suicide occurred the same day the suspensions were handing down to Saints players involved in the bounty program which rewarded defense players for vicious hits.

      • Holy crap, Mosner, I never even questioned why he shot himself in the chest. It all makes sense. It’s terrible that players are reverting to killing themselves to ultimately send a message to the league. There is undeniable evidence that suggests football is too brutal of a sport. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to admit it. I like the game too much.

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