Fandom Revisited

Once again on this topic…

I just got back from the Mariners / Tigers game tonight, and yes I did leave before the Tigers blew a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the ninth. But that’s not my focus.

I attended the game with a friend, his girl, and her 5-year old kid. I surprisingly handled the 5-year old well, because there wasn’t much to watch until the 9th to be honest. There was, however, something to watch behind me…

Two groups of people (adults) were spitting on each other. Yep, spitting on each other.

Across the stadium, behind home plate, my friend was also at the game. He texted me after the game to say that the Tigers fans sitting in front of him, who were chewing tobacco the entire game, threw their spit cups (what are they?) at a child and his father, amongst others, after the loss.

I understand being passionate about sports, I write for a sports blog. I can even understand being an asshole fan sometimes, if it is created out of passion. What I cannot tolerate is being an asshole human, using sports as an excuse. Talking shit / glaring, I get it, leave it at that. Do not ruin it for the rest of us (humans).

I Miss East Coast Baseball (not saying Philly fans are much better)


3 thoughts on “Fandom Revisited

  1. I enjoy being the asshole fan. Because let’s be honest… up until this year, there isn’t much to cheer for in Baltimore.

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