Text Showdown I

**Admin Note:  For anyone that isn’t aware of the background behind LastRoundDraftPicks, allow a quick lesson.  LRDP was created in the aftermath of a comment made by Dorsey, referring to his wish that he could have a time and place to get away from the grind and just talk sports.  Cronise picked up on this idea because the two of them had been having a semi-often Twitter exchange based on the performance of the 76ers and the Celtics–Dorsey and Cronise’s favorite NBA teams, respectively.  Call it fate, call it destiny, call it a crazy coincidence but now the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics have met in the semifinal round of the NBA playoffs.

What follows is a transcripted text conversation between Cronise and Dorsey during game 2 of the series.**

***FYI, Dorsey was at work during this game, so he was not as actively watching as Cronise… who was watching from home.***

CRONISE  (19:03):  Here we go.  No Ray Allen in the lineup.  Disappointing.

>>Garnett with the first basket.  Looking forward to the Hawes-Garnett battle.

DORSEY:  i got 4 diff camera angles but just listenin to sound.  jrue has a big game tonight.

CRO:  Btw I hear Avery Bradley has been real good so I’m looking forward to that too.

***Timeout by Philly, 2 minutes in.***

CRO:  That was quick.

DORSE:  gd it.  hope celts dont run away and hide.  paul pierce has under 23 tonight im sayin

CRO:  Garnett is gonna go off.  Book it.

DORSE:  lou!  gonna rain 25 footers

CRO:  Forgot Ray is 6th man… Can’t get used to it.

>>First Stiemsma sighting.  The Stiem-roller!!!

DORSE:  i can see the headline after this win already.  “Jrue Story”

>>an even better, less-likely one “LaVoy Story”

CRO:  Nicki Minaj should dedicate Super Bass to Brandon Bass

***Celtics 21, 76ers 15***

CRO:  I dig Pietrus.  Think Trick Or Treat Tony but with shooting.

>>Stiem-roller again!!!

DORSE:  i liked pietrus on the magic.  ET gonna get hot!

CRO:  I would have been heartbroken if the Celtics had gotten bounced by ATL and I missed the ending of an era

DORSE:  ping pong break

CRO:  Hear that?  Celtics have won 17 of the last 18 at TD

>>New column idea: comparing Boston to LOST

>>(19:35):  It does concern me that Hawes has good range.  But KG is deeper

>>Gatorade Fruit Chews… When did Gatorade start expanding so big??

>>Rondo to Hollins for the big pop!!!  Wow Hawes just got postered!!!

***Celtics 33, 76ers 29***

>>(19:47):  Bradley going to the locker room… Uh oh?

>>Who would have thought Ryan Hollins would go from waiver pickup to key role player on a contender…

>>Holliday and Williams do scare me

>>Pierce for 3 to close out the half…. Sorry but I’d rather get the intensity of Bulls-Celts than this series.

***HALFTIME.  Celtics 38, 76ers 36***

DORSE  (20:08):  sweaty after ping pong.  looks like im riding home perhaps after the game.  i will take a 2 pt game.

CRO:  Philly is peaking at the end of this era… This series won’t be a rivalry

DORSE:  just have to win this half by one lou williams 3

CRO:  Sixers just look flow less

>>Defense On both sides look good though

>>Iggy might be a non factor.  Advantage Pierce.

DORSE:  how many does pierce have?  havent heard his name besides that he’s playing injured

CRO:  Correction: Iggy and Bass may cancel each other out

>>Blatant foul by Brand on KG… As evidenced by KG’s jersey bouncing back to the neck area.


DORSE:  holliday inn (control)

CRO:  Sounds like Dick Stockton went to Madden U… “I don’t care how sluggish this game may seem, one of these teams is going to win”

***Celtics 43, 76ers 40***

CRO:  Your team shoots FTs like attended a Griffin clinic

DORSE:  maybe but your team cannot take control of the game.  this game is miserable.

CRO:  Doesn’t feel like a playoff game.

***76ers 51, Celtics 47***

>>8-0 run by Philly would scare me if the Celtics didn’t commonly give up (longer) runs all season long

DORSE:  im kinda happy i cant watch this rubbish

***4th quarter***

CRO  (20:47):  First time all year I’ve been bored watching an NBA game

DORSE:  looking forward to the lakeUnder game tho

CRO:  Pietrus wakes things up.  Here we go.  Just start playing some Dropkick Murphys

>>Pietrus again!!

DORSE:  fire up some Hall n Oates.  Philly got this.

CRO  (21:00):  I could go for a classic Ray Allen takeover

>>KG ties it up.  First time all game I’ve heard the crowd

DORSE:  they keep sayin Allen and im assuming “He Got Game” but its “LaVoy Story”

CRO:  Rondo to KG for the oop!!!  And KG hangs on the rim for 7 minutes.

>>Don’t like opposing Allen’s

***Celtics 72, 76ers 71***

>>Bradley takes the lead with the 3

>>Fucking Holliday…

>>Ray Allen’s mom sighting!

>>40 seconds to go… Game finally got good

DORSE:  ET goin to the rim!

CRO:  How do we not get a travel on that… In Boston??

>>In the Air Tonight does not fit Philly-Boston game 2… Game is not big enough

DORSE:  i didnt see it.  i need to go home but i dont wanna miss this

CRO:  Now we will see defense

DORSE:  its weird they dont talk during commercial breaks and i have to listen to the shitty music.  currently: pokerface

CRO:  Turner better miss one of these…

>>Damn.  12 seconds to tie it..

>>Offensive foul?!?!  GTFOH!!!  Wtf!!!

>>8.5 left and now we get the “bullshit” chant… Sorry but you can’t let KG set those picks all game and SUDDENLY call it now

DORSE:  i didnt see it.  they dont show replays on this

CRO:  KG with the 3 at the buzzer and we lose 82-81

>>Bullshit ending but that’s bc it’s playoff time

***Game over***


CRO:  I think our personal rivalry is bigger than this series… But I think the seeds just got planted.

DORSE:  alright im heading home.  i may live tweet next game.  that shit is fun

>>haha.  what an ugly game but ill take it


6 thoughts on “Text Showdown I

  1. Once again we get to watch and dissect the replay of KG’s foul six thousand times while the ref makes the call immediately at game speed without replay luxury. As hard as it is to say, I think it was the right call. Unfortunately, the calls are not consistent. Human error has always played a part in officiating and, with such staunch opposition to the use of instant replay in aiding calls, will probably continue to in the future. I don’t believe Philly to be a better team than Boston, and (inconsistent calls or not) you cant let Philly be that close in the end of the fourth. If you loose a game because of a foul in the last ten seconds, you didn’t play well enough to win. Two games, series tied 1-1, and a point differential of zero. Philly is only here right now because Rose went down. Boston needs to play better. Miami/Philly in Eastern finals will look like four games of what OKC did to LA last night. At least Boston/Miami would be a good series. If Boston doesn’t step it up, Miami takes the east and the Finals.

    As far as Boston’s play last night, sometimes it looks like Rondo fakes out his own teammates. There were several times last night where Rondo took it to the rim, then do what Rondo do, and dish it off. Bass was posted up at least twice and missed a high percentage shot Rondo game him because he wasn’t ready for the ball. Rondo’s got some sick moves and if you’re on his team, you got to be ready for what he’s bringing to the table.

  2. Philly just isn’t an elite team yet. I know they beat Chicago and the Bulls were without Rose. But I’m underimpressed by the Bulls to begin with. They are a great team and D-Rose is a superstar. But that’s a team with a 5-star player surrounded by 1-, 2-, and 3-star players.

    I just can’t really get into this series as I would if it was a rivalry series (think Knicks, Heat, Lakers). I want one more showdown with Miami… but for the same reasoning. Boston-Indy just doesn’t feel right. Flashbacks to whatever year NJ-Indy was the Eastern Conference Finals.

    Key point: human error/reaction or not–you don’t make that call against KG. In Boston. In the final seconds.

    • Interesting stat brought up by ESPN last night: only three time in the last five postseason has an offensive foul been called in the last minute of a one possession game. So I guess you’re right. You DON’T make that call. But doesn’t that kind of mess with the integrity of the game?

      • Yes. But only if you allow it to. That kind of call needs to be made all game or not at all. The inconsistency is what messes with the integrity.

        I’m half kidding when I say you can’t call that on KG in Boston in the deciding moments. Because KG is my favorite player.

        But I’m serious when I say the Celtics should be up 2-0 because I bet KG can count on one hand how many times that call has gone against him in his career.

  3. I completely agree. It interesting that no one is debating whether or not it was a foul. It was clearly a foul. The argument seems to be whether or not the foul should have been called, and that doesn’t seem right to me. As a FAN, we claim we want consistency. But if you ask any player (including any one of the Sixers) they’d say that foul should NOT have been called; probably because that’s the kind of game they’ve been playing– and have been trained to play– their entire lives; especially in the playoffs, more liberty in physical play is granted at the end of close games. But it’s maddening to me when a call becomes less about the technical aspects of the play, and more the situational aspects.

    The problem I see with this type of play-calling is that it gives the refs more ability to affect the game in unquestioned ways. To the best of my knowledge no one has question Danny Crawford on the call because, honesty, what would it accomplish? I’m not comparing Crawford to Tim Donaghy and I doubt he’s doing anything shady, so if Crawford was questioned about that call he would most likely say something like:

    “It was a foul. What did you expect?”

    But if Crawford had decided to put a whole bunch of money of the Sixers and knew that this was a critical point in the last ten seconds of the game, made the call, and then was questioned about it, he would probably say something like:

    “It was a foul, What did you expect?”

    And he’s right, either way. Either action– calling or not calling– is completely acceptable in the closing minutes of close games. From a fan perspective, I see something wrong with that.

    • The sad thing is that you almost can’t give the benefit of the doubt anymore. If you’re a true Boston fan, you want to look into Crawford and try to find a reason that he swayed the game. Even if it’s not there, too much has happened in the past that the official now gets painted badly.

      If you’re a Philly fan, as soon as that call got made, you subliminally set up your defenses. You automatically jumped on the plane that says “It was a foul, they finally called one”… which is correct, but you know if the roles got switched and that was Elton Brand instead of KG, you’re on the other plane screaming “How do you call that now?!?!”

      The integrity has been compromised already. And that sucks for any official in a crucial moment.

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