Text Showdown II

**Not too much to talk about during Game 3 between Philly and Boston.  It ended up being a murderfest.  But if you missed the game and wonder what people were thinking, here you go.


Cronise  (20:05):  Wow… You watching the game yet?

Dorsey:  still at work.  Listening

Cro:  Turned it on with about 4 minutes to go in the half… KG has entered Young Wolf mode

>>You guys better turn it on right out of the gate

Mosner:  How can I listen to this?  Espn radio app?

Cro:  I’m sure there’s an app but I’m watching it.

>>Boston is planting the flag and claiming the east

Dorse:  tntdrama.com.  lame url but they have boku camera angles

>>please cronise.  They are hardly playing with the sixers right now

Cro:  “the Celtics are out rebounding them” says enough

>>I don’t care what conversation is going on… If that plrase is mentioned, you know the Celtics have showed up

>>Plus KG is 19 and 9 already.

***Celtics 65, 76ers 49***

>>you guys are off sync as hell

Mosner:  It’s a little early to be planting anything

>>Boston will still have to go through Miami

Cro  (20:30):  I think Indy might have them in 7

Mosner:  Would only surprise me a little

Cro:  It’s a 20 point game.  Throw in the towel for tonight, Dorse

Mosner:  Lets not forget what the clippers did to Memphis

Cro:  True

***Celtics 75, 76ers 54***

>>but was that game home or away?  Because this crowd has been murdered

>>…and there’s a foul by Iggy on Pierce’s 3 point shot.  Desperation

Dorse:  I like c webb as a commentator

Cro:  I’d prefer Reggie

>>(20:45):  Boston is a freight train right now.  I think they’d be crushing the Heat in the same game

Mosner:  Yeah im pretty much just looking forward to watching la at this point.

***Celtics 87, 76ers 64***

Cro:  C Webb just said it best: “the Celtics have imposed their will”

>>You know you’re flat when an oop barely makes the crowd react

Dorse:  u are now talking shit.  the crowd reacted to that.  it’s the only reason I started paying attention.

Cro:  They did not.

>>(21:04):  this game is almost not worth watching bc it’s a blowout

>>This whole series feels weird

>>Celtics in 6, if the Sixers can recover from the blowout.

>>Bring on Indy… Hopefully

***Celtics 105, 76ers 78***

>>(21:16):  Rondo to Pietrus just looked pretty

Dorse:  2 games is a long way man.  especially for your geriatric team.  this is one game.  not worried.

Cro:  If this is geriatric, I’ll take it

>>107-91 final.  I’m not even sure we didn’t just end it tonight.  See ya in game 4

Image credit:  http://galleries.nba.com/gallery/Game+Action%3A+May+16

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