Text Showdown III

Los Angeles Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant, Left, Fouls Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook (0) As Westbrook Shoots

**Josh is our resident Laker fan.  And it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Natty Bro, so let’s see what he thinks during Game 2 of the Lakers-Thunder series.

Cronise  (21:23):  Ready for tonight?  I think Westbrook is gonna go off

Josh:  He is going to need to in order to counter Steve blakes 21 pts.

Cro:  Catch any of the Celtics game?

JB:  No sir, but it looks like k Garnett had himself a night.  He is good bc he just isn’t afraid.  He’s not scared.

Cro:    It was a beat down in the 2nd half.  I told Dorse I think we just ended it.  We stole every bit of momentum.

JB:    Boston-heat in eastern conference finals.  I like it.  Tonight = thunder 94, lakers 81

Cro:    You’re going against your own Kobe?

JB:    Im not against Kobe.  If there were 3 more of him and pau, they’d win.

Cro  (21:57):  At least you’re honest

>>I don’t think you can hate on Durant either

JB:    If they go to pau and Bynum, the thunder swarm and causes lakers to throw up threes.  That’s our game rigt now.

Cro:  Would you rather play the Clippers or the Spurs?

JB:    If Kobe wasn’t my boy and it wasnt sac relig to cheer for Durant, I would own a Durant AND Westbrook jersey.  They’re just not my team.

Cro:  Fair enough.  If Boston never got the Big 3 I think I would have jumped to OKC.  They would have been just beginning.

>>But I’m good with how it has been with Boston

JB:  Clippers.  Their lack of experience is evident.  Paul is a future HOFer, but that’s all they have.  Griffin is too raw.  Highlight reel, yes.  Star player, not yet.  I like foye – he has a future.  And no Williams is a solid player, but not good enough to help take the clippers further.

>>And I’m the same with the lakeshow, love them, but gotta love the thunder

***Thunder 18, Lakers 18***

Cro:  Bynum is playing hard… Kobe should exploit that

JB:  They played hard (but tired) on monday.  And markakis just got caught stealing third.

Cro:  I want to see a rivalry start between Thunder Fisher and Laker Blake.  A good ol’ nasty fight

>>I like watching close late inning O’s game this year

>>They get gritty as all hell

JB:  Fisher is too old, Blake is the new fisher.

And I like when the O’s win when it’s close.

Cro  (22:15):  I hope Xavier Avery turns into a BJ Upton/Justin Upton type of outfielder

JB:  It could happen.  He has been hot lately.

>>This is what I remember of Barnes.  Love his fiestiness, but it rarely comes out anymore.  Watch kobe, doesn’t freaken flinch.  I’m obsessed with him.


>>I have a man crush on Kobe’s killer instinct.  If his killer instinct were a person, it would look like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie having sex.

Cro:  Collison needs to keeping playing strong.  He looks like a hungry young Pau Gasol.

>>I can’t believe Andino missed that throw…

JB:  He has transformed into a solid player.  That’s all ill say about him.

>>Did you read grantland orioles article today?

Cro:  No is it Simmons?

JB:  No.  But awesome article.

>>(22:30):  Harden foul trouble is interesting.

Cro:  I’ll have to check it out.  I think we are playing legit

>>And Betemit just homered in the 9th

JB:  Orioles rallying!

Cro:  I like the college-style home crowd

JB:  Yeah man.  Agreed.  I like the O’s on base w one our.


Cro:  Come on, Avery

JB:  If he does something.  Oi

Cro:  There we go.  I’m picking him up in my fantasy league.  Now

>>Fuck yeah!!!  Huge hit by Hardy

>>Safe!!!!!  Wow!!

JB:  This is fun

***Thunder 44, Lakers 41***

Cro:  I stopped watching the basketball game for a moment


>>(23:03):  O’s play a lot if extra inning games though

JB:  O’s hurt themselves by going to extras.  Their bullpen has the most innings in the MLB.

Cro:  I wish I had picture in picture

>>Or two TVs

JB:  Or tickets to both games

Cro:  Spurs-Thunder or Spurs-Lakers… Which would you rather watch

JB:  My team is the lakers so obviously them.  It would be a 7 games series.  Thunder are too good this year

Cro:  I would enjoy a Lakers-Clippers series too

JB:  Hell yes.  I like that idea.  Interesting dynamic w/ same court

Cro:  No home court advantage

***Lakers 49, Thunder 48***

>>(23:16):  btw I think OKC could do better than Sefolosha… Maybe they could get OJ mayo

JB:  I agree with that.  I think OKC NEEDS to move someone.  They need a big three to do anything.

Cro:  How about Daquan Cook and Sefolosha for Deron Williams

JB:  Or LeBron to OKC

Cro:  Would hate it as a Lebron hater.  Would love it as a dynasty

***Lakers 59, Thunder 58***

Cro:  wow.. Back to back to back possessions by Westbrook, Durant and Harden

>>(23:35):  12th inning for the O’s

JB:  Thags what I’m watching.

Cro  (23:45):  I hate Kevin Gregg

JB:    Bc of his rec specs?

Cro:  No I like the specs

>>Bring in Chris Davis already!

***Lakers 71, Thunder 68***

>>Ibaka is a beast… He looks like a volleyball player out there

>>(0:08):  Boom, Adam Jones

***Game over: Thunder 77, Lakers 75***

>>interception by Harden and this one is over… Not as much scoring as you predicted

>>O’s win and thunder win…

**Image credit:  http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/photo?slug=ap-201205162253824158329

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