Text Showdown IV

Celtics come crashing down as Philly ties the series.

**It looked like the Celtics-Sixers game was gonna be a blowout.  But things changed suddenly and the tension never let up.  LRDP took it to Twitter.  The following transcript is a pieced together conversation over Twitter during the end of the game.  Plus a few aftermath comments.

@LastRdDraftPick:   Halftime. Celtics 46, 76ers 31. Crowd starting to turn on their own team. #LRDPscoreboard

Cronise:  Verlander is two outs away from the no-no.

>>uh oh I think that just messed it up. Josh Harrison breaks it up. #donttellVerlander

@bixbycro211:   @michael_d_ @TopherHimself @justinmosner nice to be able to pull Bradley and replace him with Ray #depth #LRDP

@LastRdDraftPick:   End of 9th. O’s and Nats are still tied at 1. #LRDPscoreboard

Dorsey:  Bradley stayin in game with only one shoulder. That ish cray

>> this series should be illegal. HERE COME THE SIXERS

Cro:  didn’t it just take almost 2.5 quarters for your front court to score its first basket?

Dorse:  that was flop city

@michael_d_:   HERE WE GOOOOO #sixers

@bixbycro211:   @michael_d_ still not concerned

>>BC, you’re a little worried, just not willing to publicly admit it

Cro:  id be worried if you took the lead… But I think we’re gonna finish strong

>>this O’s game is great btw.. #OriolesMagic

Dorse:  Lou! And 1. I used to love extremely large And 1 bball shorts btw. I still might.

@bixbycro211:   Holy shit!!! Nicky with the bomb! O’s take the lead!   [22:08]

>>Lou with another And 1 (almost). Meeks with nice steal. Douple P knows how to crush a run.

Cro:  this is incredible… I’m switching channels so fast. The O’s game is unbelievable but the Celts game is amped up

Dorse:  that was great D by ET on double P.

@LastRdDraftPick:   End of 3Q. Celtics 63, 76ers 58. Sixers making it a gut check.   [22:14]

Cro:  I think this is where the Celtics show how bad they want the trophy. #bostonbig3


@bixbycro211:   Staycalmstaycalmstaycalm   [22:18]

@bixbycro211:   Jim Johnson should be in there…. Come on, Strop!   [22:20]

Dorse:   WHO WANTS IT? this is exciting. I agree with Doris, this is a big test for the C’s… a bigger one for the 6ers.

Cro:  not freaking out yet… Feeling like it’s the end of that Mem-LA game…

@LastRdDraftPick:   FINAL. Orioles 2, Nationals 1. 11 innings. Nick Markakis wins it with a HR.   [22:22]

@bixbycro211:   Really glad the O’s game finally ended so my mind can get blown by this Celtics game   [22:23]

Dorse:  that is exactly why Meeks gets minutes. They trey, not the foul.

Cro:  and now the panic is setting in

>>LaVoy Allen just swatted that Like he was metaphysically punching me in the gut…

@bixbycro211:   This game sounds like those batshit-crazy hockey moments. Come on, Boston get it together!   [22:26]

Dorse:  like how Allen is playing in this series. #lrdp

>>KG and double P’s big play potential is worrying. Need a two possession lead.

Cro:  this is huge. Last thing Boston needs is to lose momentum

@justinmosner:   @bixbycro211 @michael_d_ Is this game really tied right now? Am i seeing this right?   [22:34]

@bixbycro211:   @justinmosner @michael_d_ unreal. BIG 3, RAY!!!   [22:35]

@JoshBeland:   O’s win on Markakis homer. Goodnight DC. #Orioles   [22:36]

Dorse:  that Bradley 3 woulda crushed. dont lose momentum…

@michael_d_:   @justinmosner @bixbycro211 not really sure, but enjoying it.   [22:39]

Cro:  come on, Big 3. Show clutch.

Dorse:  huge shot, but C’s answering

@bixbycro211:   @michael_d_ @justinmosner I change my mind, I don’t want this intensity yet!   [22:40]

Cro:  eff you Lou Williams!!

Dorse:  this feels like a heated NBA jam matchup b/t my brother and I that I lose at the buzzer. I hope I’m wrong.

Cro:  oh my fucking god

Dorse:  HITTING HUGE SHOTS!!! holy moly. TIE THIS SERIES UP!!!!!!

@michael_d_:   sixers. #wow   [22:46]

>>Not sure why Ray rushed that so much.

@justinmosner:   @bixbycro211 @michael_d_ ray allen airball?   [22:47]

Cro:  oh my god. I can’t believe the 4Q just went that way…

Dorse:  Iggy just made a big statement.

@bixbycro211:   @justinmosner @michael_d_ my brain just exploded   [22:51]

@bixbycro211:   W.  t.  F.  ?  Wtfwtfwtfwtf!!!!!!   [22:52]

>>I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m glad it did.

@LastRdDraftPick:   FINAL. 76ers shock the east and come back to beat the Celtics 92-83. Series tied 2-2.   [22:53]

Cro:  I feel like I just got blindsided

@bixbycro211:   @justinmosner @michael_d_ I’m having an anxiety attack. A legit anxiety attack.   [22:54]

@justinmosner:   @bixbycro211 @michael_d_ Is is seriously time to consider a Philly/Indiana eastern finals? That would make my brain explode.   [22:55]

@bixbycro211:   @justinmosner @michael_d_ no. This was a setback. A big setback but not irreparable. Celts-Pacers in next round   [22:57]

@michael_d_:   yes RT @jemelehill: Ticket Oak > The Big Ticket   [22:59]

@justinmosner:   @bixbycro211 @michael_d_ Aw Cro you can’t claim Boston will pull it out and not think Miamia has just as good a shot. #lrdp   [23:00]

@bixbycro211:   @justinmosner @michael_d_ I can. And here’s why: the Celtics have flipped between over/underachiever all year and always rose up. Heat arent used to this position and imploding   [23:10]

@justinmosner:   @bixbycro211 @michael_d_ Heat are crippled. Boston is in the same boat if they were to lose KG. #lrdp   [23:14]

@bixbycro211:   @justinmosner @michael_d_ won’t lose KG. might be the single reason we win next game. KG’s willpower   [23:17]

@justinmosner:   @bixbycro211 @michael_d_ willpower wont keep ligaments attached.   [23:24]

27 thoughts on “Text Showdown IV

  1. It’s the morning after and it still hurts. We should be closing it out and watching the end of Indy-South Beach. Instead, I’m not liking the idea of a 3-game series… especially with Loser Leaves Town stipulations for Boston.

    At least OKC knows LA is still reeling.

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