Welcome, partners!

Just wanted to take a moment to announce that LastRoundDraftPicks has formed promotional relationships with Root For the Home Team and S.H.E.D. Avenue.

Root For the Home Team is a blog run by some guys that travel across America, attending various baseball games.  It’s a sweet read, especially if that’s something you’ve dreamt of doing.  And most fans have.  DEFINITELY add them to your reading list.

S.H.E.D. is a blog run by Steven Davis and it’s a really good read too.  Mr. Davis is another sports fan openly engaging in coversational topics.

So in addition to following us on Twitter (@LastRdDraftPick), go ahead and add RFTHT and Mr. Davis:

@roothometeam          @SHED56


And to any of their readers that have just joined us, welcome to LRDP.


2 thoughts on “Welcome, partners!

  1. After reading some of your stuff, I’m thinking about hitting up some local minor league games this summer. Any idea if the Nationals have any more phenoms? I used to go to quite a few Harrisburg Senators games (and didn’t bother to see Strasburg or Harper)… but I did watch Vlad Guerrero back in the day.

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