Text Showdown V

**Exciting game last night as the LA Lakers tried to fight off the OKC Thunder.  LA was in the lead by as much as 13 with 8 minutes to go before a familiar scene unfolded: rally time by the losing team.  Yup, Kevin Durant hit ANOTHER game-winner and OKC is up 3-1.  Josh (LRDP’s resident Laker fan) and Cronise covered it live.

Josh   (21:44):   Text showdown?

Cronise:   OKC-Laker game?

JB:   Yes

Cro:   Sure.  Could be your dying blaze of glory

>>O’s game is good too.

(22:09)>>Pre game showing LA no love

JB:   O’s game is great.

LA should have won game 2.  It hurts seeing the should/coulda’s transpire

Cro:   Let’s go Jimmy J!!

>>I think the Lakers might have a chance if this game was in OKC.  After that Clippers fiasco, Staples Center is no-go

JB:   Haha.  You would.  O’s are making this toooooo close.

Cro:   There it is.  13 games above .500.  Hammel is beginning a gem

JB:   Our bullpen was hurting a little tonight, but we made it through.

Cro:  (22:31):   OKC 97, LA 91

>>Btw I take back what I said about OKC getting rid of Sefolosha.  He’s played some excellent D on Kobe.

JB   (22:48):   It’s going to be one of those games.  Trading baskets.  And if our bigs can’t control the paint, it will be bad.

Cro:   I like the Bynum/Gasol vs Ibaka/Perkins battle.

>>Would love to see Kevin Durant crank it up and take his game to a new level tonight

JB:   Does he have the ability?

Cro:   I think so.  He’s great.  But I still think there’s a level of his game he has never shown.

>>Like… Roy Halladay in the playoffs.  Dials it down and gets better somehow.

JB:   That’s the thing, he has the ability.  He just hasnt tapped into it yet.  When has he ever taken over a game in these playoffs, or for that matter, in any playoffs?

Cro   (23:02):   He has shown some spurts.  But I think it’s more an issue of what is the catalyst?

>>He’s almost too laid back.  I think the whole team is

>>I just looked it up: KD has zero triple doubles.  ZERO.

JB:   The answer is this: he doesn’t have to blow up.  He has a TEAM that is capable of carrying themselves.  Westbrook and harden plus Durant.  Best big three in the game.

0 triple doubles is interesting.  That’s not his game.  He is a Kobe.  A scorer.

Cro:   Serge Ibaka, Kemba Walker, Andre Iguodala, David Lee combined for 4 this season.  There is no way Durant is incapable of a trib dub if he wanted one.

>>Like you said, he doesn’t NEED to get them.  But he should WANT them.

JB   (23:30):   That’s my thing.  I don’t know if he has that “drive.”  the Kobe, the MJ.  He has the LeBron drive.

Which I’m starting to believe isn’t a bad thing.  LeBron is one of the best players to ever walk this earth.  He doesn’t have the sniper drive, but he can basically play as 2 players in one.

Cro:   Yeah but I see Lebron and KD as like basketballs version of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other

>>KD needs that kill switch to show that his maturity/talent/personality pays off

JB:   I like that.  True story.  So is it better to be he angel or the devil?

Cro:   Until he shows that he WANTS that ring, it’s hard to really make a difference

>>Like saying its ok to not win titles, as long as you are called the greatest player.  Like titles don’t really matter.

>>Tell that to Jordan, or Kobe, or Bill Russell.  Or tell it to KG, who has 1 and wants to taste more.

>>Or Steve Nash… Who I think doesn’t get the credit he should bc he still doesn’t have one.

JB:   Titles, to me, make the player.  Kobe is one of the best ever.  You don’t have titles, you suck.

Cro:   Lebron acts like he wants a title, but there is no urgency.  He carries himself like there’s always next year/when he decides it’s time, he’ll take it.

>>That’s why I hate him so much.  It’s arrogance.

JB:   It’s ignorance.  He doesn’t do it because he wants to be the best, he does it bc he IS the best.

Cro   (23:32):   You just said something about Kobe that got me thinking

>>It’s like he thinks if he keeps racking up MVP trophies it’ll be enough to waive on the fact he has no titles.

>>But 3 MVPs + 0 rings still equals 0 rings

>>Sadly, for KD the same thing is true about scoring titles.

***Lakers 56, Thunder 46.  Halftime.***

***Lakers 58, Thunder 49***

   (23:56)>>big 3 from Durant.  He needed to hit that for confidence

JB:   I hate Kendrick Perkins.

Cro:   As in hate because he plays a defensive enforcer so well but he’s playing against you?

>>Ps I don’t are if it’s juvenile, I just snickered when Ibaka tea bagged Kobe’s neck.

JB:   No – bc he acts way too “hard.”  he isn’t hard at all.  He’s big.  That’s all.

>>And serge ibaka is ugly.

>>There’s the stat!  Points in the paint, LA 36 OKC 24

Cro:   True or false: you’re putting together a 3-man team to play H-o-r-s-e and you take Durant with your first or second choice.

   (00:15)>>I say true.

JB:   Ok.  Yes.  Here’s another scenario.

True or false: you’re putting together a 3-man team to play H-o-r-s-e and you take Kobe with your first or second choice.

Cro:   2012 Kobe or Any Year But 2012 Kobe?

JB:   Any year.  You know you would take him.

Cro:   Honestly I think I go #1 KD #2 Brandon Jennings #3 Melo… Then Lebron then Kobe

JB:   Kobe and Durant on a 3 person HORSE team.  I’ll take it.

***Lakers 78, Thunder 71***

Cro:   I swear Westbrook can cover half court in 2-3 steps.  Unbelievable leg strength

JB:   SHOOTING?!?  Are you serious?  Melo?  No way man.  You’re smoking something.  Kobe has been top 5 since 2004.  Won the scoring title twice since then, including 35 points/game.

Cro:   He just showed me with that buzzer beater

>>Melo might have been a poor choice.  But I think he would be good at Horse.

JB   (00:30):   Haha.  so close to not being a shot.  But I’m just appalled that you chose against Kobe for a SHOOTING contest.  You can hate him, but he can freaken shoot

Cro:   I’m thinking about effective range, that’s all

>>His numbers for 3 are way down this year

JB:   I’ll take Kobe over anyone in the league any day.  I wish the 3 point challenge would be Kobe, Durant, melo.  Then the dunk contest would be LeBron, griffin, and _____.

Cro:   Russell Westbrook.

>>Or Gerald Green again.  Did you see that oop he did earlier this year and his shoulders were above the rim??

(00:47)>>Good idea or bad idea: try to find a starting spot for James Harden

***Lakers 96, Thunder 92***

JB:   Harden is so productive off the bench.  Pay him starter money and keep him on the bench.

Cro:   Agreed.  I think every team should have a start-worthy 6th man.  Most important role on the team.

***96-96 tie game***

>>here we go for the finish

JB:   True story.  And I can’t believe it ended up this close.

Cro   (1:01):   This should be Durants moment…

JB:   WOW!

Cro:   Boom!!!

***Thunder 101, Lakers 98***

>>Nice look by Kobe but… Did we just see “the moment”?

JB:   Wow.  How did they just lose that?  Up by 12 and lose by 3?

***GAMEOVER.  Thunder 103, Lakers 100***

Cro:   LA could/should be up 3-1 but I think this series just ended

>>Down 13 with 8 to go.

JB:   That’s the story of LAs season.  Should be 3-1 but they aren’t.

Cro:   It’s funny that KD has all those scoring titles bc when I watch OKC play, Westbrook often out scores him

>>Final thoughts on that one?

JB   (1:17):   OKC is better.  Period.  You’re right.  Westbrook/Durant are deadly.  La just can’t hang.

Cro:   Not a bad thing.  IMO.  Means the NBA is shifting to the future.

>>I like it.

JB:   Money isn’t everything man.  Look at the MLB.

>>Ps.  Great text showdown.

Cro:   OKC isn’t about money.  They operate old school.  Smart drafting and patience.  Then adding the best plugs they can find at the right price.

>>Perkins could be replaced, but it’s gonna cost more money to do it so at his price now, he’s perfect.


IMO- OKC is the team to beat.

Cro:   Which is kind of how the Nationals and O’s are winning.

JB:   Yes sir.  That game reminded me of the O’s of the last decade – they had a lead, but it never felt safe.  I just felt something else would happen.

Cro:   I’m trying to catch a game soon.  I feel guilty that I haven’t seen my favorite team.  That has been kicking ass for almost two solid months.

JB   (1:37):   Ok.  Then June 9th is a definite.  Dorse is coming in town from Philly to see the Phils/O’s game.

Cro:   Sounds right.  It’s a plan.



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