Thunder vs. Spurs Thoughts

So the Western Conference Finals are set. And with the Thunder being a little younger, they will have basically the same rest. So, what’s going to happen? Will youth and energy trump experience and fundamentals? I certainly think it will. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the best home court advantage in the NBA. #ThunderUp

So some people like to say the Spurs aren’t old; well they have an average age of 28.5 vs. 26.6 for the Thunder (for players averaging over 10 min in the Playoffs). And that’s including Derek Fisher for the Thunder (37, oldest player in series). So age IS a factor. But the real question is, which style will win out? Peyton Manning run and gun, or Steelers balance and discipline. Oops, not football season yet, I meant Thunder and Spurs. And as much as I love the Steelers (Spurs) style, I feel the Thunder will win out. In the postseason, both teams have a player averaging 26+ minutes and 11+ points off the bench, Ginobli and Harden. However, it’s advantage Thunder with Harden averaging 6 more points. Durantbrook and Parkduncan basically equal out, but once again, opposite styles collide. Vegas says Spurs winning by 5.5 in the first game, so the pick should be easy. My money is on the Thunder in 5.

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