Tossbax: Orlando Magic

Stan Van Gundy was fired, my bet is he will be coaching the Bobcats next season. I can assure you, he will be coaching next season. What is Dwight Howard’s deal? He’s undoubtedly talented, but has attitude problems clearly. If I were the Magic, I’d get rid of him. My view of the Magic franchise has completely turned on its head this season after all this.

As a kid, I was really into the Magic. Had the Starter jacket, still to this day want a pair of these (although these are a close second), and Lil’ Penny was the greatest ad campaign of all time. I honestly think Penny Hardaway is my favorite professional athlete ever. I found the above picture and had to share. There’s also this.

Dwight, you lost me as a fan this year. In a league where the true Center is scarce, you are without a doubt the best Center in the game. I hope you start to remember that’s what you are, and not a GM.


4 thoughts on “Tossbax: Orlando Magic

  1. I’m torn about Van Gundy’s firing. Obviously, after the things that went on this season it was clear that the move was in the works. I think it was a bad move from an ownership standpoint. Yes, Howard is kind of a bitch at times, but a great player. After being called out for wanting Van Gundy fired during a very awkward press conference in April, Howard went out and put on an absolute show, worsening a back injury that now will require surgery. During the press conference yesterday Alex Martin stated several times that Van Gundy was “strategically” a great coach, leading the Magic to five straight playoff appearances, the best in the East, but they needed “more”. (By “more” Alex Martin means a more diplomatic coach that will let players walk all over him.) I’m apprehensive about this decision, mostly because its so obvious that Dwight Howard DOES NOT want to stay in Orlando. Howard wants to go to Brooklyn with Jay-Z. It’s just that simple, he’s said so many times. So when this happens during the offseason, what will the Magic be left with? They’ll have 99 problems but a bitch wont be one.

    • I said in Cronise’s Surmises that I think SVG will be on the Clippers’ bench next season. Whereas Howard is going to have to suffer (at least half a season) on a decidedly worse Magic team. You’re right about Howard wanting out of Orlando and I feel like this was his way of getting his way… without looking like the bad guy (IMO). Now when the Magic tank, he can say he wants to go to a contender.

      • I just don’t understand the logic from from an ownership standpoint. Dwight Howard is their biggest asset. Their second biggest asset was Van Gundy. I don’t think Howard plays another game in a Magic Jersey. On April 30th, the New Jersey Nets officially became the Brooklyn Nets. That’s where Howard wants to be and Jay-Z will pay the money to make sure they start off with a bang. There’s also a lot of other options for Dwight including Miami and LA. All huge markets. The Magic organization is gonna have to make some serious moves to secure Howard. He begrudgingly stayed for the rest of last season. I don’t think he was planning on staying no matter what they did. So if you’re Orlando, and you KNOW you’re going to loose your number one, why fire your number two?

      • Cross Miami off that list. There is no way D12 takes less money to join that team. He might give the impression that he’s all about having fun, but we’d be stupid to think he isn’t aware of his monetary value.

        If I’m Orlando, I’m going to explore Howard-for-Bynum as deep as I can. I might call even the Bobcats and see what I can get. Last team on my radar is Brooklyn. I’ve given in to Howard too many times. It’s time to do what’s in MY best interest.

        And I’ll probably take a flyer on Jerry Sloan.

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