Text Showdown VI — Game 7 Edition

The final score: Celtics 85, 76ers 75.  An exciting series that was still undecided entering the 4th quarter of Game 7.

Cronise’s Celtics over Dorsey’s Sixers, 4 games to 3.  LRDP’s civil war is over.

At least until football season.

There wasn’t any formal Showdown going on for this big game–rather a series of intermittent texts and a lot of exchange over Twitter.  Here’s some of the more notable sends (and some visuals).

@bixbycro211:   Being it on. #goceltics #LRDP @michael_d_ vs @bixbycro211 gets personal

LRDP-DORSEY**:   Broussard: “Sixers playing with house money”. i love that. feeling oddly confident

**Dorsey often tweets on LRDP’s account, marking his thoughts with a MD.

LRDP-CRONISE**:   not very superstitious about watching sports…that said, I’ve busted out my trusty hat. “Ol’ Celtic Faithful”[picture attached]

**Same deal.

DORSEY   (20:02):   this is for real the end of an era.  all pressure on you.  wheels gonna fall off.

CRONISE:   We’re still playing in June.  You’re done while its still May.

DORSE:   coheed and cambria (from the shitty years) entrance music?  come on boston

CRO:   I woulda gone with Dropkick

>>Or theme from Boondocks saints

>>Or whatever Greg Stiemsma’s favorite song is

@TopherHimself:   @bixbycro211 @justinmosner @LastRdDraftPick that video got ME fired up, and I’m at home #LRDP


LRDP-DORSE:   The Sixers are in this game because they got rid of that shitty logo. #lrdp


LRDP-DORSE:   Lou draws a foul and hits the shot.  Ill bet he’s one of the best in the league at that. Wonder if they keep that stat.


LRDP-CRO:   5:17 left in 2Q… Rondo is 5/4/4… Could this be a Game 7 trip dub?

CRO   (21:00):   I think we are about to see a Rondo trip dub


LRDP-DORSE:   Iggy dunks mean good things to come for the Sixers.


LRDP-CRO:   Iggy, you’re horrible at tossing the oop.

>>also you’re bad at shooting FTs. (13 for 31) #yourenostar

LRDP-DORSE:   What the hell is he doing at the line?  Act like our best player.  We need every point.


CRO   (21:45):   Go the eff away, Dorse/Sixers!!

DORSE:   here we come.  jrue gonna start making some shots

CRO:   Ray has got to start hitting… He’s due (I hope)

@bixbycro211:   “oh lord I hate it when they start hitting 3’s”  -my mom referring to the Sixers keeping it close

LRDP-CRO:   FINALLY! Welcome to the game, Ray!

>>It might be time to put in Moore and Johnson and employ the Hack-A-Iggy… #LRDP @GrantlandLive

DORSE   (22:08):   can we make two consecutive foul shots for christ sake?  f word

CRO:   Which will be greater: number of shots Ray Allen makes total… Or number of FTs made by Philly


CRO:   Fuck.

DORSE:   peace out Pierce.  youre finished.

DORSE:   if this goes down the way i think it will.  you should thank the Sixers.  gave you a gift tonight.  goddamn it.


@bixbycro211:   This is going to be the longest 57 seconds of my life (so far)



DORSE:   ah well.  enjoy getting swept by the heat and not having a viable team for the next 5 years.

CRO:   Bitter grapes.  We can beat the Heat.

>>You should spend the offseason searching for a star that can make FTs

@bixbycro211:   See ya later, Philly.  #BeatTheHeat #BeatTheHeat GO #Celtics !!!


@michael_d_:   i hate sports.


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