The Tuesday Blitz List

The early part of the week can be killer for sports fans.  Especially if you’re older and it means leaving your weekend behind and returning back to the daily grind.

Maybe you just need a list of stuff to keep your brain in sports mode.  Or maybe you need some interesting stuff to share with your colleagues around the water cooler.  Maybe it’s a simple as finding some random stuff to Google.

That’s just another use for LRDP.  We’re gonna be particularly useful when football starts and Tuesday is the first day of the long wait until Saturday/Sunday.

We now present: “The Tuesday Blitz List”…

***ADMIN NOTE: This isn’t a bunch of typical lists.  Some of these lists may be based entirely on fact.  Some of these lists may just be random thoughts.  Some will be opinions.  But every week, new lists.  Please, feel free to comment and argue.  If you have a good one, submit it to us–this is going to be totally interactive.***

Topher isn’t the only one hating on Kevin Gregg…

Topher“Topher’s Bucket List”

  1. Pass on the del Pino name
  2. Get married
  3. See orioles win world series
  4. Play one professional golf tournament
  5. See every continent
  6. Start a successful petition to trade Gregg

Cronise“6 Athletes That Could Look Better”

  1. Tim Lincecum (add Snoop Dogg-style ponytail braids)
  2. Dirk Nowitzki (add 1920s movie villain pencil-stache, dyed black)
  3. Greg Stiemsma (add 80s porn star mutton chops)
  4. Ben Roethlisberger (add perv ‘stache)
  5. Josh Smith (add Dr. J-influenced afro)
  6. James Harden’s Beard (needs a mountain-man beard)

Long before there was Adam Jones… there was Mike Devereaux.

Josh“Memorable Orioles From Childhood”

  1. Bobby bonilla
  2. Roberto alomar
  3. Armando benitez
  4. mike devereaux
  5. Scott kamieniecki
  6. Arthur Rhodes

Dorsey“Longest NBA Careers”

  1. Robert Parish (1967-1997)–21 seasons/1,611 games
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1969-1989)–20 seasons/1,560 games
  3. John Stockton (1984-2003)–19 seasons/1,504 games
  4. Karl Malone (1985-2004)–19 seasons/1,476 games
  5. Kevin Willis (1984-2007)–21 seasons/1,424 games
  6. Reggie Miller (1987-2005)–18 seasons/1,389 games
  7. Clifford R. Robinson (1989-2007)–18 seasons/1,380 games


Well, it IS a mistake to draft you for the fantasy league…

Easy E–“Worst Fantasy Basketball Picks”

  1. Adam Morrison
  2. Stephon Marbury
  3. Tracy McGrady
  4. Omeka Okafor
  5. Greg Oden
  6. Vince Carter (post-Raptor era)

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