Battle of the Cro-sades (3-9 June)

My numbers are starting to look a little more reputable.  Except baseball.  Not the best time for my Orioles to go on a losing streak.  But hey, I’m pretty spot-on in basketball.

Should be an ok week for sports.  We’ve got the best-of-3 between San Antonio and OKC, as well as the final chapters for Boston-Miami.  Typical baseball days.  And the Stanley Cup is still happening.  Let’s see what’s on the schedule…

My current stats:

  • 32-25   (15-7 last week)

15-14 MLB     (7-6 last week)

15-8 NBA     (6-1 last week)

2-1 NHL     (2-0 last week)

0-2 Soccer

3 June 2012

BALTIMORE ORIOLES @ TAMPA BAY RAYS—Showdown between AL East leaders.  Baltimore is starting to slow down… Hammel and Chen suddenly look very beatable.  Arrieta is looking like Matusz.  And Matusz is looking… good.  This is an Arrieta game.  So your guess is as good as mine.  We’ll see how the loss of Nick Markakis affects the O’s.  PICK:  ORIOLES

BOSTON RED SOX @ TORONTO BLUE JAYS—The Red Sox are surging.  The Jays are floating.  It’s like Toronto just isn’t capable of doing any better than 4th place.  They need something to create some excitement.  Something like… more Brett Lawrie tantrums.  A real emotional spark.  PICK:  RED SOX

MIAMI HEAT @ BOSTON CELTICS—It feels like we say this every few weeks.  But we are watching Rajon Rondo ascend into yet another level.  Game 1 was a disaster for Celtics fans.  Game 2 was an epic performance by Rondo and the never-aging Kevin Garnett… a true heartbreak to lose that game.  Game 3 was a statement by the Celtics that they will not go quietly.  But Game 4 is where they need to back it up.  Take OKC’s lead and make this a best-of-3.  I think Boston can do it.  Even if it’s because they’re too stubborn to lose at home.  PICK:  CELTICS

4 June 2012

The Mets have a lot to be happy about. David Wright has even more to be happy about…

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS @ NEW YORK METS—More early baseball surprises.  The Cards are riding a red-hot Carlos Beltran to mediocrity.  I haven’t really been following the Cards, so I don’t know why they are such a .500 team.  But they’re sending Kyle Lohse to the mound at 5-1 so they’re doing some things right.  Just like the Mets.  The Mets are one of the best teams in baseball at the moment.  David Wright is repainting his own career.  This seems like the year of the underdog.  PICK:  METS

OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER @ SAN ANTONIO SPURS—Game 5 of this ridiculous series.  The first four didn’t completely follow my script… but the wins count is as I predicted.  We’re knotted at two all.  The Spurs are suddenly looking beatable and the Thunder are looking like the best team in the world.  Durant is playing out of his mind right now.  I think OKC can carry this momentum.  They nearly took Game 2 in Texas.  PICK:  THUNDER

NEW JERSEY DEVILS @ LOS ANGELES KINGS—I believe the first two games were overtime thrillers.  I don’t really know/care.  It’s too late to suddenly get into hockey.  I do know the LA Kings have been pretty bad for quite some time, so I’m hoping they can win the big one.  I’ve been right so far.  PICK:  KINGS

5 June 2012

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS @ SAN DIEGO PADRES—Look at these Tim Lincecum numbers: 2 wins, 6 losses, 5.82 ERA.  Has there ever been such a case where one pitcher was completely dominant for the early part of his career.  Then became mediocre overnight.  Then looked downright bad the next morning?  I think Timmy needs a change of scenery.  And Orioles fans want it too.  BRING TIM TO CHARM CITY!  PICK:  PADRES

BOSTON CELTICS @ MIAMI HEAT—Game 5.  The game some people didn’t think was possible.  Not only is it possible (and happening), but it means the Celtics still have life.  This game could go either of two ways—depending on the Game 4 outcome.  If it’s Miami up 3-1, I think Boston falls here.  That’s a sad thing to think about, but I mean… Rondo did score an unbelievable 44 points in a loss.  Some things just have to happen.  But if this is an even series, whole new game.  I think the Celtics can steal this one and get the pressure/chance to shock the world at home.  PICK:  HEAT

6 June 2012

TAMPA BAY RAYS @ NEW YORK YANKEES—As an outsider, I secretly enjoy the three-way tangles between the Yankees, the Rays, and the Sox.  It’s nice to know that at least one of those teams will be cancelled out by the other two.  I like this game because David Price (7-3, 2.44) is up against Ivan Nova (6-2, 5.60).  Ignore the win-loss numbers; look at ERA.  That’s a telling observation.  Nova is getting crazy run support.  I think we’ve learned this year that pitching trumps hitting.  PICK:  RAYS

LOS ANGELES DODGERS @ PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES—Speaking of pitchers, look at Chris Capuano.  He’s 64-66 for his career—but 7-2 this season.  His ERA is way below his career average.  Is it improved skill?  Is it the Dodgers offense?  I don’t know.  But I’ve noticed this trend… it’s called “expect the opposite of what you expect”.  PICK:  DODGERS

SAN ANTONIO SPURS @ OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER—Game 6.  Series has been great.  Might as well make it a classic.  MVP-type game from Tony Parker.  One more victory for Manu over Harden.  Throwback Duncan performance.  Bring on the Game 7.  PICK:  SPURS

NEW JERSEY DEVILS @ LOS ANGELES KINGS—Game 4… of five.  I don’t think the Kings will sweep.  But they probably should.  PICK:  DEVILS

7 June 2012

Someone just became my number one target for MLB 2K12…

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS @ HOUSTON ASTROS—One reason: Lance Lynn.  Easily the best pitcher I own in both of my fantasy leagues.  PICK:  CARDINALS

MIAMI HEAT @ BOSTON CELTICS—See what I said about Spurs-Thunder Game 6?  Copy and paste it here.  Replace Tony Parker with Rajon Rondo, Pietrus/Ray over Dwayne, and Duncan with Garnett.  PICK:  CELTICS

8 June 2012

NEW YORK METS @ NEW YORK YANKEES—Does anyone know the last time the Mets were better than the Yankees?  And more exciting?  And had a better third baseman?  I know that I sure don’t.  Way too go, Mets.  From Ponzi schemed to the toast of NY.  Doesn’t get much better.  At least, not for Mets fans.  PICK:  METS

OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER @ SAN ANTONIO SPURS—Game 7.  The passing of the torch.  It was written this way.  OKC has knocked off defending champ Dallas.  They have knocked off pesky LA.  Now they will beat the Spurs and claim the West as theirs to defend.  I fully expect Durant to hit some key shots and for Westbrook to make some highlight reels.  You’ve had a spectacular run, San Antonio.  But OKC is here to stay.  PICK:  THUNDER

9 June 2012

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES @ BALTIMORE ORIOLES—I expect to be at this game.  So look for a live tweet or something.  I’ll probably be with Topher and Dorsey’s younger brother, Young Dorse.  Also maybe Josh?  Anyways, not a real interleague rivalry between these teams… just a geographical one.  Also, one team has been far more successful lately.  I just want to see Cliff Lee get rocked?  Maybe Zach Britton could return for this one?  PICK:  ORIOLES

BOSTON CELTICS @ MIAMI HEAT—Game 7 here as well.  If we’ve made it to Game 7, I expect the Celtics to take it.  It would just be a matter of fate solidifying itself.  The Celtics have gone against the odds all season.  It’s fitting that they get one last shot at the trophy.  Against Kendrick Perkins.  PICK:  CELTICS

LOS ANGELES KINGS @ NEW JERSEY DEVILS—Game 5.  Kings win it here.  We get to crown them… kings.  Ignorance is bliss.  PICK:  KINGS

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