GTFOH (for the first time)

Hell yeah!  Any readers out there that know me as a Celtics fan knew this was coming with 1:51 left in OT.

Talk all you want about how Dwayne Wade missed a wide open 3 to win it.  Or about how if he had leaned into Marquis Daniels, he draws the foul and gets a chance to win it.  I don’t care.

Because you know who DIDN’T take the last shot?  LeBron James.  Because he was sitting on the bench (or badly passing to Udonis Haslem AGAIN).  Interesting strategy by LeBron–shy away from all that last-shot controversy by fouling out.

Btw, the Heat are 1-for-11 in game-winning shots with less than 24 ticks in the past two playoffs.  James and Wade are 0-7.

…Oh, and the best part?  He fouled out on the same type of play that he suckered KG into a few moments before.  And drew a foul on that one too!  IDIOT!

Take your tissues to South Beach.


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