Soward, Williams, Jones & (maybe) Blackmon???? A list of Jaguars recievers you don’t wanna be on.

Here we go again Jags fans. . . . . just like three previous first round picks, reciever Justin Blackmon was arrested over the weekend for a DUI, blowing three times the legal limit.  At least he went for gold and wasn’t playing around at the club!  This wasn’t his first DUI either, he received one in 2010.  As before mentioned in the title, all first round picks and all receivers:  R. Jay Soward (200), Reggie Williams (2004) and Matt Jones (2005), all of whom now are no longer in the NFL, due their substance abuse.

Stillwater police pulled him over at 3am while he was doing 60mph in a 35mph zone.  He ended blowing a .24, he definitely put in some work!  He was released on $1,000 bail and due in court later today, 4 Jun 12.  He’s a great talent so hopefully he can clean it up, start recieving some touchdowns from Blaine Gabbert, and get that offense rollin’!!

But who knows if he’ll end like one of the others??  R. Jay Soward who was picked at #29 in 2000 by the Jags, played one year in the NFL and was done due to his alcohol abuse and bad attitude towards the team.  Reggie Williams was picked at #9 in 2004 and had a lot of promise, but again a substance abuse problem, playing in the NFL until 2008 and nowhere after that.  He was arrested in 06′ on marijuana charges, 09′ for DWI and marijuana charges and again in 09′ for drug trafficking and possesion of cocaine.  Matt Jones was taken in 05′ at #21, he was arrested in 08′ on cocaine charges and again while on probation and having alcohol in his system.  He played from 05-08′ and then was also out of the NFL.

“I’m embarrassed to be in this position,” Blackmon said. “I’m truly sorry to my family, to my friends and to Oklahoma State all together. I look forward to redeeming myself and proving to everybody that this isn’t who I am. I’m not this guy. I’m humbled by this experience and I will grow from it.”* *

He says he’ll be humbled by the experience and grow from it, but who knows what will really happen?  I know the Jags need him terribly bad to produce with their history of bad luck with receivers as of late!  Or will he fade away in 2-3 years due to substance problems and become another Jags statistic in the History Book of Terrible Draft Picks??

He has yet to sign a rookie contract so I’m sure this will come into play and he’ll have some sort of clause to prevent this from happening again and saving the Jags too.  With new coach Mike Mularkey at the helm, new #1 receiver Blackmon and fairly new QB Gabbert, the Jags have been on the makeover route lately and hope to put all the pieces together and get back to the playoffs.  What do you think, I’d love to hear back on this article, Blackmon does well and puts his problems in the past or does he fade out in the next couple years with some more arrests??  Lemme know, thanks for reading!!!!

**  Copyright 2012 The Associated Press


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