Dorsey Foresees: It IS the Heat, NOT the Antiquity.

You Ready? Here we go! I am psyched, peace out big 3, only 1 of which is playing big. I just don’t see how Miami loses this game, but I’ve been wrong before. But speaking of what I’ve been, I was DAMN close on my LBJ prediction:

DF Prediction:
28.3 PPG 8.8 RPG 7.2 APG

Actual (Thus far in Playoffs according to
30.8 PPG 9.5 RPG 5.3 APG +31.29 EFF

I’ll declare a victory on that. I’ll also declare that the finals are going to be exciting ( and hopefully 7 games long ), but its hard to discount the Seattle ThunderSonics ( not bitter ) at this point.

This will be an exciting game 7. Here’s what I soothsay:
LBJ – 29 pts, 9 boards, 6 assists, 2 blocks
Wade – 26 pts, 6 boards, 5 assits, 3 steals (I don’t think DWade can take having consecutive sub-20pt games)
Bosh – will have a big impact on this game
Rest of Heat – will remain awake for the majority of the game

Hondo(Rondo) – (DORSEY GUARANTEED) a triple double, without question (can we please start talking about him being the best PG now?)
KJ(KG) – will remain one of the only tolerable Celtics IMHO, will have a monster game. real possibility of foul trouble though
PP(Paul Pierce) – will remain my least favorite basketball player. Will not have a great game, because he’s going to try to atone for last game too much. He will take and probably make HUGE shots late though. Will have ~25 points.
Ray – Will make some threes late and subsequently cause me to tweet “He Got Game”-related tweets in anger. Will have near 20 pts, will be quiet most game.
Double Bass – (See what i did there? Did I just make a nickname? Super Bass?) Will be just that, have a double double and supplant himself as a real, solid NBA big man, the kind I would like to see on the Sixers.

Can’t wait. The closer to 90 the Heat score, the worse off the Celts are. I say 93 – 89, Heat. Apologize for the prediction hubris from earlier.

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