Slap-less in Seattle ( a recap )

I was at the no-hitter game last night. Here is a quick recap.

First, I had pretty great seats. See above. The thing about Safeco that I like is there really is not a bad seat in the place, and there are plenty available.

Secondly, my section (330) was almost entirely full of Dodger fans. This is not a rare occurrence at Safeco where the road team typically has more fans. Being from Philly, this is VERY strange to me, but also being from Philly I hate the Dodgers.

Thirdly, there were two kids (Dodger fans) behind me that were cheering “Strike him out” for entire at-bats. I couldn’t help but think of Good job, good effort kid, and I was a bit annoyed.

I am not a Mariners fan really, but I will join in on cheers for them at games (especially against the Dodgers).

Anyways, there I was in the 4th inning, a goose egg in the hit column, I started making jokes to my friend about perfect game / no-hitters, not really thinking too much about it. I now know that this was not Millwood’s first rodeo. At the start of the 7th, I had just gotten back to my seat after getting a beer and noticed Millwood was out, and honestly, I got kind of angry. I figured it had to be injury-related, and as the scoreboard told me an inning later, it was. From that point on, I forgot about the no-hitter largely and went on watching the game. Alas, it was Kyle Seager with the GW-RBI in the bottom of the 7th after failing to capitalize in two previous runners-on-base opportunities. The energy in the stadium was the first I’d seen in a few games, but it reminded me of late-inning Camden Yards rallies, and that I liked.

It didn’t hit me until the cab ride home and, even later when I saw the excitement of the Seattle broadcasters during the ESPN highlight, that I had witnessed a no-hitter.

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