Yep, its going to happen, no matter how much you didn’t want it to. LeBron James will win a championship, and I think it will happen tonight. He will be the MVP, he will have a great game. And if I’m wrong, and it goes another 1 (or 2) games, he will have great games in those as well. I really wish this series could last until the NFL season begins, but I’m so ready for the stamp to be put on this one.

Why? Because in the past year I have started to follow sports more closely, constantly reading / listening. I cannot stand the unwarranted LBJ haters any longer. I don’t care if you don’t like LeBron, the “Decision” thing was kinda whack (wouldn’t you at least think about doing that if you could?). But seriously, save it about him not being a great player, you are losing credibility just by entertaining that thought.

Here’s a simple choose your own adventure:

Choice 1 -> Continue Naysaying:
Turn to page 73. Picture your favorite current NBA player*. Enjoy watching LBJ shut him down on defense, and drop at least 25 pts whenever they play. Continue on with your life.

Choice 2 -> Face the facts:
Turn to page 47. Welcome aboard. Watch any game you can with LBJ in it, and wonder along with me how he makes some of the shots he does, and how he gets to the rack so effortlessly against great defenders.

Finally, I’m most excited to see LBJ postgame to finally see the unguarded LBJ enjoy winning (it will happen again), and possibly do this to all the haters.

DISCLAIMER: LeBron James is not my favorite player, I am just a basketball fan. I just think he’s earned this.

* – Don’t even try to argue that your favorite player doesn’t play LBJ’s position. He guards all of them, and will probably guard your favorite, current NBA player if their teams play.

image cred: http://deadspin.com/5917977/lebron-james-cuddled-the-larry-obrien-trophy-like-it-was-one-of-his-children

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