PEACE OUT! or “The Peace’s Elbow”

Did you hear? Ron Artest went off the third turnbuckle at Summer Slam and elbow dropped James Harden in the face. Well, not really. But when you slow down the tape to 10 frames per second, and watch it 13 times, it sure looks that way. Continue reading

Weeden Through The Draft

Why the projected second round quarterback draft pick out of Oklahoma St. is poised to have a better rookie season than both RG3 and Andrew Luck.

There is a saying sports: “if you’ve been drafted once, you’ve been drafted a million times.” And by that logic, on April 26th  at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, somewhere late in the second round Brandon Weeden will be drafted by a professional sports team for the two millionth time.  Who drafted him the first time? The freaking New York Yankees. Continue reading