Soward, Williams, Jones & (maybe) Blackmon???? A list of Jaguars recievers you don’t wanna be on.

Here we go again Jags fans. . . . . just like three previous first round picks, reciever Justin Blackmon was arrested over the weekend for a DUI, blowing three times the legal limit.  At least he went for gold and wasn’t playing around at the club!  This wasn’t his first DUI either, he received one in 2010.  As before mentioned in the title, all first round picks and all receivers:  R. Jay Soward (200), Reggie Williams (2004) and Matt Jones (2005), all of whom now are no longer in the NFL, due their substance abuse. Continue reading

Holy Hat Tricks, Put The Brooms Away!!!!


Well it’s about damn time!!!!  The Penguins finally showed up for the playoffs!  Don’t get too excited, they’ve still got a long way to go to get back in this series!!  Dropping TEN goals, really???  Where the hell has this been the past three games!  The NHL regular season points leader, Malkin, finally got on the board with two goals last night.  All that aside the Pens have plenty of work to do. Continue reading

Playoff Race “Heat”ing Up


The playoff race is heating up!  LeBron’s on fire, Rose is still coming back from injury and to top that they have an upcoming game, with the Heat sitting 2 1/2 games behind the Bulls.  Of course the Heat have to be the favorite in the East going into the playoffs, they’re loaded!  But, are we gonna see the same old LeBron from last year??  Only time will tell, but there’s way more stories to the playoffs other than that! Continue reading