Wow… Eff U (x2)

Lot of things coming out of last night’s Miami Heat loss.  Such as Dwayne Wade pretending he was Lebron and practically not showing up.  Or Wade and Spoelstra’s spat.  But I found a double Eff U.

As you can see, Mario Chalmers starts things off and David West doesn’t care.

Chalmers:  Eff U.  Don’t you know we are the mighty Miami Heat?

West:  Eff U!  I might not be on the elite level, but you’re not on MY personal level.  GTFOH!

Eff U

I’m working on my official return article (FYI, I have been in Louisiana for the last 3 and a half weeks) and I have so much more to say about this… but I felt the need to put some emphasis on the peak moment.  Thus I have unofficially created a few feature called “Eff U” because well… I saw this and immediately thought it was Chris Davis saying “Wow… Eff U”…

Following the Curse of the Andino… comes Chris Davis and Eff U.