O’s-Zone Watch: 27 May 2012

Don’t sweat the loss, O’s fans… you’re gonna get to see this for years to come!

I wouldn’t say the Orioles are “beginning to struggle” and I don’t think they are “about to plummet back to the basement”.  We’re still 10 games over .500.  Only three other teams in the entire league can say the same.  I think it’s mostly a case of a young, overachieving team still finding its rhythm.  Besides, they got a lot going on down by the Harbor.

Friday night’s 8-2 win over the Royals was played in front of a home crowd of 28,954.  The incredible part about that statement is that 11,000 tickets were sold at the stadium in the two hours before game time.  Yeah, looks like even the stubborn non-believers are starting to scratch the itch… Continue reading


O’s-Zone Watch: 23 May 2012

I wasn’t planning on doing an O’s-Zone Watch if the Orioles lost the game… but then Topher went to the game and did some awesome promo work.  As you can see, he met the Orioles bird.  And he also sat behind the dugout/home plate and tried to get some TV time.  So I’ll do a recap anyways (btw, that game was EXTRA early for a Wednesday… ?). Continue reading

O’s-Zone Watch: 22 May 2012

It’s no secret that I am a rabid Orioles fan.  Every year (for at least the first 2 months of the season), I convince myself that “this could be the year”… only to slowly lose faith… resigning (usually late August) to the fact that we suck.  But… THIS COULD BE THE YEAR!  Since the Baltimore Orioles are playing amazing baseball and have so much potential, I’m officially creating the O’s-Zone Watch. Continue reading