Almost There

I have begrudgingly begun to accept the fact that LeBron James is on the verge of actually winning an NBA Championship ring.  To be completely candid with you, I hate the simple thought of it.  The thing that really irks me about this practically imminent world of the existence is that I (and I think I’m in the majority… somewhere around a 65/35 split) was so sure it was going to happen differently.

About midway through the 4th quarter of Game 7, I knew the Heat were going to be playing in the Finals against OKC.  The Celtics finally just broke.  All engines firing, full-steam ahead.  Boom.  Over.  But I thought I had an ace up my sleeve.  After the first two incredible rounds and then the dismantling of the Spurs, I thought OKC was sure to bring the thunder to South Beach.  Bonus pun.

Instead, LBJ has been lighting up the court and is on his way to a ring.  But it’s not enough to suddenly admit that he’s great.  Sorry, I’m still not selling yet. Continue reading

GTFOH: R.A.diculous!

Wow, congratulations to R.A. Dickey.  First person since 1988 to throw back-to-back one-hitters**.  I don’t even really care that it was against my beloved Orioles–the year R.A. is having is R.A.diculous:

  • 11-1 W-L record
  • 2.00 ERA
  • 103 Ks
  • 0 earned runs in his last 42 2/3 innings

**Wouldn’t you think a feat such as back-to-back one-hitters would be a lot more uncommon?

NBA Finals? More like NBA JAM.

If you haven’t noticed, I took a mini hiatus after my beloved Boston Celtics broke down in the biggest Game 7 of them all**.  I needed time to digest. Time to recover. Time to find my own closure. More on that later.

**Fan’s perspective. Any Game 7, involving a team you are invested in, automatically becomes “the biggest Game 7 of all”. It’s chronological too—this most recent NBA Game 7 is somehow bigger than that Yankees-Red Sox Game 7 of a few years ago.

This piece… it’s all about the NBA Finals. The “other” matchup. Continue reading

Cronise Surmises–OKC Edition

I don’t have too much to surmise about this week due to my NBA Playoffs fever.  It’s getting worse (better?) every night that passes and I honestly don’t care if I recover.  Haha, but in all seriousness… either tonight or Saturday night, it’s all going to boil over.  And if things go a certain way… well, let’s just say that I’m going to be celebrating like it’s Saint Patty’s Day.  For a solid week.  Followed by another period of partying—in celebration or in celebration.

Let’s do work, real quick. Continue reading

Who Should Be On Team USA 2012?

Not too long ago, I wrote a well-received article on Team USA basketball.  I talked about the different team forms submitted by the United States to international tournaments since pros were allowed in 1992.  I tried to give some examples of the good times and I touched on the bad times.

It occurred to me: I never offered my rendition of a problem-solver.  So I’m going to follow up that piece with this one—(my prospective) 2012 Team USA.

I have a better name for this iteration too.  Let’s call it the “Fantasy Team”. Continue reading

GTFOH (for the first time)

Hell yeah!  Any readers out there that know me as a Celtics fan knew this was coming with 1:51 left in OT.

Talk all you want about how Dwayne Wade missed a wide open 3 to win it.  Or about how if he had leaned into Marquis Daniels, he draws the foul and gets a chance to win it.  I don’t care.

Because you know who DIDN’T take the last shot?  LeBron James.  Because he was sitting on the bench (or badly passing to Udonis Haslem AGAIN).  Interesting strategy by LeBron–shy away from all that last-shot controversy by fouling out.

Btw, the Heat are 1-for-11 in game-winning shots with less than 24 ticks in the past two playoffs.  James and Wade are 0-7.

…Oh, and the best part?  He fouled out on the same type of play that he suckered KG into a few moments before.  And drew a foul on that one too!  IDIOT!

Take your tissues to South Beach.

Battle of the Cro-sades (3-9 June)

My numbers are starting to look a little more reputable.  Except baseball.  Not the best time for my Orioles to go on a losing streak.  But hey, I’m pretty spot-on in basketball.

Should be an ok week for sports.  We’ve got the best-of-3 between San Antonio and OKC, as well as the final chapters for Boston-Miami.  Typical baseball days.  And the Stanley Cup is still happening.  Let’s see what’s on the schedule… Continue reading

GTFOH Rondo.

I just don’t get how you can play such an amazing game and still not win.

Is it:

  • (A)  the fact that Rondo shoots better when it matters less?
  • (B)  the fact that Paul Pierce keeps fouling out?
  • (C)  the absence of Avery Bradley?
  • (D)  the Heat are that good?
  • (E)  a little bit of everything?