The Biggest “DB” in the League

Our world today has been overtaken by social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Four Square, etc. These media outlets have given us the chance to correspond on a “personal” level with stars. I have talked to MLB players, ESPN analysts, Snooki (a class of her own), and NFL all-stars.  The most recent convo I had with a pro athlete was with Brendon Ayanbadejo. For those of you that do not know, BA is currently a special teams all-star for the Baltimore Ravens. He started his career with the Atlanta Falcons, then had brief stints w/ the Bears, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Toronto Argonauts, Ravens, Amsterdam Admirals, and BC Lions. In 2003, Brendon signed with the Miami Dolphins. He was there through 2004, and then moved onto the Chicago Bears from 2005-2007. From 2008 to now, BA has played with the Ravens where he started as a linebacker and eventually became a special teamer.  To date, he has 3 pro- bowl nods in 2006, 2007, & 2008. Continue reading

The Tuesday Blitz List

The early part of the week can be killer for sports fans.  Especially if you’re older and it means leaving your weekend behind and returning back to the daily grind.

Maybe you just need a list of stuff to keep your brain in sports mode.  Or maybe you need some interesting stuff to share with your colleagues around the water cooler.  Maybe it’s a simple as finding some random stuff to Google.

That’s just another use for LRDP.  We’re gonna be particularly useful when football starts and Tuesday is the first day of the long wait until Saturday/Sunday.

We now present: “The Tuesday Blitz List”… Continue reading

Text Showdown V

**Exciting game last night as the LA Lakers tried to fight off the OKC Thunder.  LA was in the lead by as much as 13 with 8 minutes to go before a familiar scene unfolded: rally time by the losing team.  Yup, Kevin Durant hit ANOTHER game-winner and OKC is up 3-1.  Josh (LRDP’s resident Laker fan) and Cronise covered it live. Continue reading

Text Showdown IV

Celtics come crashing down as Philly ties the series.

**It looked like the Celtics-Sixers game was gonna be a blowout.  But things changed suddenly and the tension never let up.  LRDP took it to Twitter.  The following transcript is a pieced together conversation over Twitter during the end of the game.  Plus a few aftermath comments. Continue reading