Text Showdown IV

Celtics come crashing down as Philly ties the series.

**It looked like the Celtics-Sixers game was gonna be a blowout.  But things changed suddenly and the tension never let up.  LRDP took it to Twitter.  The following transcript is a pieced together conversation over Twitter during the end of the game.  Plus a few aftermath comments. Continue reading

Weeden Through The Draft

Why the projected second round quarterback draft pick out of Oklahoma St. is poised to have a better rookie season than both RG3 and Andrew Luck.

There is a saying sports: “if you’ve been drafted once, you’ve been drafted a million times.” And by that logic, on April 26th  at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, somewhere late in the second round Brandon Weeden will be drafted by a professional sports team for the two millionth time.  Who drafted him the first time? The freaking New York Yankees. Continue reading