I am Michael Dorsey, or the boreacle.  I relocated to Seattle last summer from Philadelphia and grew up near the Mason Dixon line in New Freedom, PA.  My day job is writing software for a biotech startup in Seattle.  With that being said, you will notice lots of sentence fragments and segmented thoughts.  Give me a break, I have spent the last 7+ years writing things like:

int daps = 0;

while(rollinsHitting) {




boolean happy;

if(LeToux) {

   happy = true;


else {

   happy = false;


Note:  Do not critique this code you ass.  I HOPE the above is an infinite loop.

I spend a lot of time thinking about sports and I listen to a lot of sports podcasts:

SVP, BS Report, Fantasy Focus, PTI, The Herd

Most of what I write will be based on opinion as I don’t have a lot of time to research / fact check as much as I should.  If people start reading this frequently, this will change.  Also, most of what I know about the current state of sports is gleaned from said podcasts and watching SportsCenter almost nightly ( sometimes with beer / cocktail goggles ).

One day recently I (@michael_d_) tweeted this:

“love coding and all that etc. i wish 4 one day, every two weeks, i could jst [sic] talk sports for an entire day with someone. have a lot to say”


Note:  Just [sic]’d myself, cool.  Also, I think that was deliberate to fit my thought in 140.

Cronise ran with it, and now you are reading this blog that me and my friends are going to post, fight, agree, bicker, bitch, talk shit on.  Hope you enjoy.

Teams I enjoy:  Phillies, Sixers, Union, Seahawks, Terps, Flyers in varying degrees

Teams I do not enjoy:  Yankees, Celtics, Steelers mostly with full on disdain

Jury is still out on an EPL team.  Arsenal seems the easy choice.  I am kinda leaning towards the Spurs.  Any compelling arguments are welcome.

Find me on Twitter:  @michael_d_

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