Hey everyone my name is Tom Jarvis, I as well am a sports nut!  Born in Baltimore, MD on 28 AUG 1988.  My brother Cronise got me on here so I can add my input into this growing and hopefully succesful website in the near future.  I currently work at the United States Air Force, stationed in Germany.  The time’s off so it’s hard to catch as many games as I would like to.  Which is why I live on

I was very active in sports growing up, mainly basketball!  My dad’s from the Pittsburgh area so a lot of my sports revolve around that.  Huge Steelers and Penguins fan!  I love any sport, mainly basketball, football, baseball and hockey!  I love playing any sport, watching any sport or anything of the sort.
One of my favorite time of day is to wake up and log on to ESPN and see what’s happening  Who signed where, scores, the big movements going on etc.  And then I can’t stop talking about it all day.  Sports are my life!!!
Favorite Teams:
NFL-  Pittsburgh Steelers
NBA-  Utah Jazz  (really different I know) But I grew up watching Jordan destroy my Jazz, but I still love them!  Stockton to the Mailman all day!!
MLB-  Baltimore Orioles hon!  I’m from the Baltimore area and my family wasn’t big into baseball so that’s my hometown team.
NHL-  Pittsburgh Penguins
NCAAB-  Tend to root for Pitt, but I like watching any team
Favorite athletes:
NFL-  Big Ben, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Lamarr Woodley, Troy Polomalu, Maurkice Pouncey
NHL-  Sid the Kid, Evgeni Malkin
MLB- Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Josh Hamilton, Jose Reyes, Luke Scott
NBA-  Al Jefferson, Gordon Heyward, Derrick Favors, Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis, John Wall, Kyle Korver
Thats about all there is to tell about me, hopefully you’ll enjoy my columns and we can get some great debates going!!
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