GTFOH (for the first time)

Hell yeah!  Any readers out there that know me as a Celtics fan knew this was coming with 1:51 left in OT.

Talk all you want about how Dwayne Wade missed a wide open 3 to win it.  Or about how if he had leaned into Marquis Daniels, he draws the foul and gets a chance to win it.  I don’t care.

Because you know who DIDN’T take the last shot?  LeBron James.  Because he was sitting on the bench (or badly passing to Udonis Haslem AGAIN).  Interesting strategy by LeBron–shy away from all that last-shot controversy by fouling out.

Btw, the Heat are 1-for-11 in game-winning shots with less than 24 ticks in the past two playoffs.  James and Wade are 0-7.

…Oh, and the best part?  He fouled out on the same type of play that he suckered KG into a few moments before.  And drew a foul on that one too!  IDIOT!

Take your tissues to South Beach.

Soward, Williams, Jones & (maybe) Blackmon???? A list of Jaguars recievers you don’t wanna be on.

Here we go again Jags fans. . . . . just like three previous first round picks, reciever Justin Blackmon was arrested over the weekend for a DUI, blowing three times the legal limit.  At least he went for gold and wasn’t playing around at the club!  This wasn’t his first DUI either, he received one in 2010.  As before mentioned in the title, all first round picks and all receivers:  R. Jay Soward (200), Reggie Williams (2004) and Matt Jones (2005), all of whom now are no longer in the NFL, due their substance abuse. Continue reading

The Biggest “DB” in the League

Our world today has been overtaken by social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Four Square, etc. These media outlets have given us the chance to correspond on a “personal” level with stars. I have talked to MLB players, ESPN analysts, Snooki (a class of her own), and NFL all-stars.  The most recent convo I had with a pro athlete was with Brendon Ayanbadejo. For those of you that do not know, BA is currently a special teams all-star for the Baltimore Ravens. He started his career with the Atlanta Falcons, then had brief stints w/ the Bears, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Toronto Argonauts, Ravens, Amsterdam Admirals, and BC Lions. In 2003, Brendon signed with the Miami Dolphins. He was there through 2004, and then moved onto the Chicago Bears from 2005-2007. From 2008 to now, BA has played with the Ravens where he started as a linebacker and eventually became a special teamer.  To date, he has 3 pro- bowl nods in 2006, 2007, & 2008. Continue reading

Battle of the Cro-sades (3-9 June)

My numbers are starting to look a little more reputable.  Except baseball.  Not the best time for my Orioles to go on a losing streak.  But hey, I’m pretty spot-on in basketball.

Should be an ok week for sports.  We’ve got the best-of-3 between San Antonio and OKC, as well as the final chapters for Boston-Miami.  Typical baseball days.  And the Stanley Cup is still happening.  Let’s see what’s on the schedule… Continue reading


I’m in love with this Spurs / Thunder series. Turned it into a best of 3 tonight.

I’m also a huge KD fan. 23? He’s going to shatter records. He will score > 20 PPG for the next decade. There’s also a few other things. This and this A friend told me about that interview tonight. I watched most of the KD vs LeBron flag football game. Part 2 of the interview is here.

I will say also that Harden is my favorite NBA player left in the playoffs. BRING IT BACK TO SEATTLE, DAMMIT.

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GTFOH: Johan Santana

Congrats to Johan Santana on pitching a no-hitter tonight. With 5 BB and some help from his fielders, Santana pitches the first no-hitter in Mets’ history. This pains me to write as a Phillies fan.

GTFOH Rondo.

I just don’t get how you can play such an amazing game and still not win.

Is it:

  • (A)  the fact that Rondo shoots better when it matters less?
  • (B)  the fact that Paul Pierce keeps fouling out?
  • (C)  the absence of Avery Bradley?
  • (D)  the Heat are that good?
  • (E)  a little bit of everything?


Cronise Surmises — Technical Foul Edition

I don’t know how much attention you’d allocated to sports this past 3-day weekend…  Hopefully you spent part of it with friends and family, enjoying Memorial Day.  I know us upper East Coasters had some nice weather during the daytime.  So for those of you that worked on your tan a little more and your favorite seat’s butt-groove a little less, here’s a few things I surmised. Continue reading