Battle of the Cro-sades (20-26 May)

If he won’t willingly pass the torch…

Got some noteworthy/interesting games on the schedule for the upcoming week of 20 May 2012 through 27 May.  We’ve still got some time before we find out which baseball teams are for real and which are not and the NBA playoffs are in full effect.  We’re down to 4 teams in the NHL playoffs, so I’ll take a wild stab at that as well.  And hey, let’s go a grand slam and include some Major League Soccer action. Continue reading


Friday Fight Night?

Just a quick update on this crazy Friday… Verlander almost threw a no-no.  Nick Markakis went deep in the 11th inning to help the O’s beat the Nats 2-1.  Boston WAS blowing Philly out again and now it’s tied…  Dorse and I are all over Twitter.