Who Should Be On Team USA 2012?

Not too long ago, I wrote a well-received article on Team USA basketball.  I talked about the different team forms submitted by the United States to international tournaments since pros were allowed in 1992.  I tried to give some examples of the good times and I touched on the bad times.

It occurred to me: I never offered my rendition of a problem-solver.  So I’m going to follow up that piece with this one—(my prospective) 2012 Team USA.

I have a better name for this iteration too.  Let’s call it the “Fantasy Team”. Continue reading

The Blandy Griffin Show: Why I think this pilot could be picked up for Spring 2013, but I hope not.

I’ve been in San Francisco this weekend on vacation, and I love it.  So while I give my contacts a bath and my phone a rest, here’s why I think he may be in trouble. Continue reading