Cronise Surmises–OKC Edition

I don’t have too much to surmise about this week due to my NBA Playoffs fever.  It’s getting worse (better?) every night that passes and I honestly don’t care if I recover.  Haha, but in all seriousness… either tonight or Saturday night, it’s all going to boil over.  And if things go a certain way… well, let’s just say that I’m going to be celebrating like it’s Saint Patty’s Day.  For a solid week.  Followed by another period of partying—in celebration or in celebration.

Let’s do work, real quick. Continue reading

Text Showdown VI — Game 7 Edition

The final score: Celtics 85, 76ers 75.  An exciting series that was still undecided entering the 4th quarter of Game 7.

Cronise’s Celtics over Dorsey’s Sixers, 4 games to 3.  LRDP’s civil war is over.

At least until football season.

There wasn’t any formal Showdown going on for this big game–rather a series of intermittent texts and a lot of exchange over Twitter.  Here’s some of the more notable sends (and some visuals). Continue reading

Battle of the Cro-sades (20-26 May)

If he won’t willingly pass the torch…

Got some noteworthy/interesting games on the schedule for the upcoming week of 20 May 2012 through 27 May.  We’ve still got some time before we find out which baseball teams are for real and which are not and the NBA playoffs are in full effect.  We’re down to 4 teams in the NHL playoffs, so I’ll take a wild stab at that as well.  And hey, let’s go a grand slam and include some Major League Soccer action. Continue reading

Text Showdown IV

Celtics come crashing down as Philly ties the series.

**It looked like the Celtics-Sixers game was gonna be a blowout.  But things changed suddenly and the tension never let up.  LRDP took it to Twitter.  The following transcript is a pieced together conversation over Twitter during the end of the game.  Plus a few aftermath comments. Continue reading

24 Days Later… Days 9-16

We’ve almost made it out of here…

Welcome back.  In case you’ve just joined us, I’ve been hitting on a few sports topics that came to the forefront during my past 3 ½ week absence.  I started with numbers 1 through 8, which can be found in part 1.

This is part 2. Continue reading

24 Days Later… Days 1-8

24 days.

For 24 days, I was reminded of the world we currently live in—the age of technology.  And for 24 days, I was reminded of how spoiled we are… especially as sports fans.  First, let me tell you what happened and I’ll try to relate to you what it meant.  Then, we’ll get to the good stuff.  Get comfy.  You can’t call me Jack Bauer, but this article is about to jump around more than a season of 24… Continue reading

Text Showdown I

**Admin Note:  For anyone that isn’t aware of the background behind LastRoundDraftPicks, allow a quick lesson.  LRDP was created in the aftermath of a comment made by Dorsey, referring to his wish that he could have a time and place to get away from the grind and just talk sports.  Cronise picked up on this idea because the two of them had been having a semi-often Twitter exchange based on the performance of the 76ers and the Celtics–Dorsey and Cronise’s favorite NBA teams, respectively.  Call it fate, call it destiny, call it a crazy coincidence but now the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics have met in the semifinal round of the NBA playoffs.

What follows is a transcripted text conversation between Cronise and Dorsey during game 2 of the series.** Continue reading