Battle of the Cro-sades (3-9 June)

My numbers are starting to look a little more reputable.  Except baseball.  Not the best time for my Orioles to go on a losing streak.  But hey, I’m pretty spot-on in basketball.

Should be an ok week for sports.  We’ve got the best-of-3 between San Antonio and OKC, as well as the final chapters for Boston-Miami.  Typical baseball days.  And the Stanley Cup is still happening.  Let’s see what’s on the schedule… Continue reading


GTFOH: Brett Lawrie Edition

Totally sucks to be Brett Lawrie.  First he gets suspended for 4 games for slamming his helmet (and the helmet bouncing up and hitting an ump).  Now he’s hitting them with batted balls.  (And arguing baserunning calls.)

Sad thing is, neither one of the physical “acts of aggression” is even really within his control.

Bad month for #13.