The Tuesday Blitz List

The early part of the week can be killer for sports fans.  Especially if you’re older and it means leaving your weekend behind and returning back to the daily grind.

Maybe you just need a list of stuff to keep your brain in sports mode.  Or maybe you need some interesting stuff to share with your colleagues around the water cooler.  Maybe it’s a simple as finding some random stuff to Google.

That’s just another use for LRDP.  We’re gonna be particularly useful when football starts and Tuesday is the first day of the long wait until Saturday/Sunday.

We now present: “The Tuesday Blitz List”… Continue reading

Text Showdown I

**Admin Note:  For anyone that isn’t aware of the background behind LastRoundDraftPicks, allow a quick lesson.  LRDP was created in the aftermath of a comment made by Dorsey, referring to his wish that he could have a time and place to get away from the grind and just talk sports.  Cronise picked up on this idea because the two of them had been having a semi-often Twitter exchange based on the performance of the 76ers and the Celtics–Dorsey and Cronise’s favorite NBA teams, respectively.  Call it fate, call it destiny, call it a crazy coincidence but now the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics have met in the semifinal round of the NBA playoffs.

What follows is a transcripted text conversation between Cronise and Dorsey during game 2 of the series.** Continue reading