GTFOH: Brett Lawrie Edition

Totally sucks to be Brett Lawrie.  First he gets suspended for 4 games for slamming his helmet (and the helmet bouncing up and hitting an ump).  Now he’s hitting them with batted balls.  (And arguing baserunning calls.)

Sad thing is, neither one of the physical “acts of aggression” is even really within his control.

Bad month for #13.


David West: “Let’s GTFOH!”

In case you missed it, the Indiana Pacers just destroyed the Miami Heat tonight in their Game 3.  I was looking for a clip to create a new edition of Wow… Eff U! when I found this clip from Indiana’s Game 2 win.  The Pacers won a tough game and David West decided it was time to GTFOH.

Keep it going, Indy.

Dorsey Foresees / GTFOH: Kobe, Playoffs

Kobe GTFOH! As we all know Kobe is in one of the tightest scoring races in NBA History. Kobe said, “he’s not tripping about it”.
Dorsey Foresees Guarantee: You have never seen shot-chucking like you will tomorrow. I can’t wait to watch.

Dorsey Foresees Prediction: I am psyched for the NBA Playoffs, so many potentially great matchups. Which one am I most looking forward to? Grizzlies / Jazz in 2nd round. THAT’S RIGHT! Jazz beat the Spurs. Watch it happen. Full Playoffs preview once matchups are final.

UPDATE: Fair enough Kobe, you win (or don’t) this time.
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