Cronise Surmises–OKC Edition

I don’t have too much to surmise about this week due to my NBA Playoffs fever.  It’s getting worse (better?) every night that passes and I honestly don’t care if I recover.  Haha, but in all seriousness… either tonight or Saturday night, it’s all going to boil over.  And if things go a certain way… well, let’s just say that I’m going to be celebrating like it’s Saint Patty’s Day.  For a solid week.  Followed by another period of partying—in celebration or in celebration.

Let’s do work, real quick. Continue reading

Soward, Williams, Jones & (maybe) Blackmon???? A list of Jaguars recievers you don’t wanna be on.

Here we go again Jags fans. . . . . just like three previous first round picks, reciever Justin Blackmon was arrested over the weekend for a DUI, blowing three times the legal limit.  At least he went for gold and wasn’t playing around at the club!  This wasn’t his first DUI either, he received one in 2010.  As before mentioned in the title, all first round picks and all receivers:  R. Jay Soward (200), Reggie Williams (2004) and Matt Jones (2005), all of whom now are no longer in the NFL, due their substance abuse. Continue reading