24 Days Later… Days 1-8

24 days.

For 24 days, I was reminded of the world we currently live in—the age of technology.  And for 24 days, I was reminded of how spoiled we are… especially as sports fans.  First, let me tell you what happened and I’ll try to relate to you what it meant.  Then, we’ll get to the good stuff.  Get comfy.  You can’t call me Jack Bauer, but this article is about to jump around more than a season of 24… Continue reading

Dorsey Foresees / GTFOH: Kobe, Playoffs

Kobe GTFOH! As we all know Kobe is in one of the tightest scoring races in NBA History. Kobe said, “he’s not tripping about it”.
Dorsey Foresees Guarantee: You have never seen shot-chucking like you will tomorrow. I can’t wait to watch.

Dorsey Foresees Prediction: I am psyched for the NBA Playoffs, so many potentially great matchups. Which one am I most looking forward to? Grizzlies / Jazz in 2nd round. THAT’S RIGHT! Jazz beat the Spurs. Watch it happen. Full Playoffs preview once matchups are final.

UPDATE: Fair enough Kobe, you win (or don’t) this time.
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Lakers vs. Thunder: GTFOH!

I was out canoozing on Lake Washington today (look it up), and it appears I missed a great game.

First, MWP with an obvious heat-of-the-moment elbow to James Harden’s head. I’m not excusing it, and I think he should be suspended 5 games at least, but MWP obviously plays with passion and I think this was a caught up in the moment thing. MWP needs to not lose his cool in this situation, but I don’t think it was malicious. MWP was doing a great job of getting away from the Artest stigma, now?, back to square one. I hope Harden’s alright, he’s one of my favorite current NBA players. It might be the beard (he looks like a friend of mine).

Second, and I noticed this just from the highlights, did you see when KD missed that potential game-winning 3 in regulation? He was cheesin’ walking back to the huddle. Westbrook had a similar reaction when he missed his potential game-winning 3 in OT. These guys are playing so confident, and they should be. Beware.

Lastly, Kobe Bryant made up a new way to say “I’M NOT OLD YET” in sign language. Those shots were huge.

The Ko-ME System?

Let’s take a moment and think about an issue I will call “The Kobe-versy”.  Or “The Kobe Conundrum”.  “PanKobe’s Box”?  Damn you, Kobe.  It’s too hard to use your name in a clever play on words.  Let’s just go with… “The Kobe-racy”.  Failure to come up with a clever title aside… what is going on with Black Mamba?
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