Text Showdown V

**Exciting game last night as the LA Lakers tried to fight off the OKC Thunder.  LA was in the lead by as much as 13 with 8 minutes to go before a familiar scene unfolded: rally time by the losing team.  Yup, Kevin Durant hit ANOTHER game-winner and OKC is up 3-1.  Josh (LRDP’s resident Laker fan) and Cronise covered it live. Continue reading


Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special day.  No immunity for a sports fan.  Over the years, moms have been a little more noticeable in the sports world.  I am such a huge Celtics fan… but even if you aren’t, then can’t deny that it’s awesome to see how into a game Ray Allen’s mom gets.  So in the spirit of Mother’s Day, I wanna share a few more moms in sports and then briefly tell you why this holiday is meaningful to me. Continue reading