Dorsey Foresees: It IS the Heat, NOT the Antiquity.

You Ready? Here we go! I am psyched, peace out big 3, only 1 of which is playing big. I just don’t see how Miami loses this game, but I’ve been wrong before. But speaking of what I’ve been, I was DAMN close on my LBJ prediction:

DF Prediction:
28.3 PPG 8.8 RPG 7.2 APG

Actual (Thus far in Playoffs according to
30.8 PPG 9.5 RPG 5.3 APG +31.29 EFF
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Cronise Surmises — Technical Foul Edition

I don’t know how much attention you’d allocated to sports this past 3-day weekend…  Hopefully you spent part of it with friends and family, enjoying Memorial Day.  I know us upper East Coasters had some nice weather during the daytime.  So for those of you that worked on your tan a little more and your favorite seat’s butt-groove a little less, here’s a few things I surmised. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special day.  No immunity for a sports fan.  Over the years, moms have been a little more noticeable in the sports world.  I am such a huge Celtics fan… but even if you aren’t, then can’t deny that it’s awesome to see how into a game Ray Allen’s mom gets.  So in the spirit of Mother’s Day, I wanna share a few more moms in sports and then briefly tell you why this holiday is meaningful to me. Continue reading