Kevin Durant, GTFOH!

KD does it again!  With an impossible shot and a friendly roll, Kevin Durant hits a foul line jumper to beat the Mavericks 99-98.  After a tough game for KD, its nice to see he’s not afraid to take the big shot.  What an end to a crazy day in sports.  Psyched for tomorrow!  I’ll post a video of the shot when its posted.

Updated with video. Outrageous.


Lakers vs. Thunder: GTFOH!

I was out canoozing on Lake Washington today (look it up), and it appears I missed a great game.

First, MWP with an obvious heat-of-the-moment elbow to James Harden’s head. I’m not excusing it, and I think he should be suspended 5 games at least, but MWP obviously plays with passion and I think this was a caught up in the moment thing. MWP needs to not lose his cool in this situation, but I don’t think it was malicious. MWP was doing a great job of getting away from the Artest stigma, now?, back to square one. I hope Harden’s alright, he’s one of my favorite current NBA players. It might be the beard (he looks like a friend of mine).

Second, and I noticed this just from the highlights, did you see when KD missed that potential game-winning 3 in regulation? He was cheesin’ walking back to the huddle. Westbrook had a similar reaction when he missed his potential game-winning 3 in OT. These guys are playing so confident, and they should be. Beware.

Lastly, Kobe Bryant made up a new way to say “I’M NOT OLD YET” in sign language. Those shots were huge.