Battle of the Cro-sades (3-9 June)

My numbers are starting to look a little more reputable.  Except baseball.  Not the best time for my Orioles to go on a losing streak.  But hey, I’m pretty spot-on in basketball.

Should be an ok week for sports.  We’ve got the best-of-3 between San Antonio and OKC, as well as the final chapters for Boston-Miami.  Typical baseball days.  And the Stanley Cup is still happening.  Let’s see what’s on the schedule… Continue reading

24 Days Later… Days 9-16

We’ve almost made it out of here…

Welcome back.  In case you’ve just joined us, I’ve been hitting on a few sports topics that came to the forefront during my past 3 ½ week absence.  I started with numbers 1 through 8, which can be found in part 1.

This is part 2. Continue reading